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Burana Tower
The construction of the Burana Tower refers to the11th century A. D. There Balasagun existed that was a thriving city on the Great Silk Road. Numerous traders were coming to that place to sell their good and spend a night. There is a Tower that is 24 meters high now. At that time it was 45 m. high but due to the earthquake in 15 c. has of it fallen down. This tower was used as a indication mark for travelers and traders, as a watching tower and as a place to call local inhabitants to pray. After the 15 century earthquake people were scared to stay in the city. The citizens thought that God did not want them to live there. That is way there ran away in a hurry and did not have the majority of their things. Our archeologist found many artifacts there and you can see some of them in a local museum. In Soviet time the greatest part of artifacts was taken to Russia. The houses in the city were made of clay and they melt because of time. Everything that left after the original settlement is the tower and the foundations of the mausoleums that were reconstructed in the Soviet times, and a hill nearby that is supposed to be khan's citadel. Close by you will see ancient petrogliphs - stone paintings. Some of them date from the 8th century B.C. They also were taken to the Balasagun settlement to be shown for travelers and vacationers.
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Bishkek city tour
The capital of Kyrgyzstan is Bishkek; it is rather young city which celebrated its 132 years birthday. The Bishkek city is political economic and cultural centre of our country. Nowadays the city numbers more than 1 million of people. It is situated at the central part of Chui valley that is the most fertile part of the republic. The capital city lies at the foot hills of Kyrgyz range, on the altitude of about 700 meters above sea level. Yet it's one of the greenest cities in Central Asia.
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Ala Archa gorge
Ala - Archa Gorge is one of the most preferable places for vacation trips. The gorge of Ala - Archa is situated 45 km way from the Kyrgyz capital city, and during one hour drive you will rise from 750 to 2100 meters above sea level. Ala Archa is a good place to have a nice day off. You can have 5 hours hike to the cascade of Ak Sai or just to have a walk beside the mountain river that stream down the gorge of Ala - Archa. "Ala - Archa" signifies "Bright Juniper". Juniper trees are widely spread there. For Kyrgyz it is a consecrated tree, which they use almost in all their rituals. When a child is delivered, he (she) has a cradle made of juniper, when he is ill adults burn it nearby saying special words, whilst the child is adult already and wants to marry - again a woman with burning juniper will go inside his new yurt to protect it from the evil specters. And when the man dies his grave will be also made of this admired tree.
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Horse riding tour
Horses always played a big roll in Kyrgyz life. They used to say that horses are man's wings. It is impossible to imagine a nomad without a horse. Our travel company would like to present you horse riding program in the Valley of Chon Kemin. It takes almost two hours there. Now you also have a chance to ride it from Chon Kemin village to the bottom of Tien Shan Mountains.
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Issyk Ata gorge
Issyk Ata Gorge is a famous place that has dozens sites of the mineral springs, half of them are thermal ones. The drive to Issyk - Ata valley will take 2 hours. In this beautiful gorge there is a light track, so you can have a walk to a mountain waterfall. There is a small pass that leads you to it. Then you can have a picnic nearby. Optionally you can go to the open swimming pool with hot mineral water. You will swim there and get pleasure from the view of the surrounding mountains! Read the tour...

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