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Kyrgyzstan Trekking: Trek 01
Your trip: Kyrgyzstan
Type of trip: Trekking Tour
Time of tour: 14 days

Day 1: Arrival in Bishkek City, where we will meet at the airport and transfer to your hotel. Then you will have breakfast and rest. After that you will tour the city. At night, we will stay at the hotel.
Day 2: Early morning driving through the valley of Karakol and then start the trekking. Trekking around 16 km. You will have lunch on the road. During your trekking you will see Balbals and mazars. At night, we will stay in tents or yurts.
Day 3: You will continue to trekking tours and you will pass the "Jar-now" camp. At night, we will stay in yurts.
Day 4: Today you will have trekking tours in the camp 3, along the "Street of Genghis Khan". At night, we will stay in yurts or tents.
Day 5: The day begins with Kapuro village trekking tours. You will have lunch on the road. In this place you stay in the guest house where you can learn more about the life of local residents. At night, we will stay in guest houses.
Day 6: Day trekking tour starts with the "Son-Kyl" lake and you will overnight in the village of Kyzyl-Oi. You will have lunch on the road. In this village you will stay in communication and learning the life of local farmers. At night, we will stay in a hostel.
Day 7: Today you will have trekking tours in the Son-Kul Lake. After arrival is accommodation in yurts. After dinner there is familiarity with the life of nomadic people. At night, we will stay in yurts.
Day 8: Early morning trekking tours around 20 km, along the southern coast, near the river .. Son-Kulka At night, we will stay in yurts.
Day 9: Today you will tour trekking about 20 km along the northern coast .. You will have lunch on the road. Dinner is the evening.
Day 10: You will have free time at Lake Son-Kyl. Trekking tour will be in scenic places. At night, we will stay in yurts.
Day 13: Early morning transfer to Bishkek, about 300 km. Accommodation at the hotel. After dinner you will see the wonderful folk concert.
Day 14: Back home.



    In 2002. Museums has visited about 555 thousand persons. The greatest number

Visitors it is noted in Bishkek (261,6 thousand, or 47,1 percent) and Talassky

Areas (97,7 thousand, or 17,6 percent). However, in separate areas

Attendance remains low: in Batkensky it has made 9,4 thousand persons

(1,7 percent), Naryn - 18 thousand, (3,2 percent) for a year. In the expired year

By museums it is spent 8,2 thousand excursions with the guide. The greatest quantity

Excursions it is spent in Talassky (2,8 thousand) and Osh (0,9 thousand) areas.

Share of the visitors who have taken part in excursions with the guide, as a whole

On republic has made 37,7 percent. By employees of museums it is read 748

Lectures. A share of the lectures organised by employees of museums of Chujsky area,

Has made 16,2 percent, Batkensky - 14,4, Osh - 13,9, Issyk-Kulsky -

6,9 percent.

    From data on a technical condition of museums it is visible, that more their third

Demand major repairs.



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