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Kyrgyzstan trekking: Trek 16
Your travel: Kyrgyzstan
Kind of trip: Trekking tour
Time of tour: 14 days


Day 1: Arrival in Bishkek City the capital of Kyrgyzstan, where we will meet you in the airport and transfer to your hotel. Then you will have breakfast and rest. After it we will see Ala-Too Square, the historical museum, parks, attractions, and everyone can visit the souvenir shops selling beautiful Kyrgyz felt carpets and handmade hats. At night, we will stay in hotel.
Day 2: Early in the morning drive from Bishkek to the village Dayryk-Tash in Kyrgyzstan. In the evening we will have trekking tour and set up the camp on the river next to the trail, stretching to the mountains.
Day 3: Today we will have trekking tour. You will have trekking tour in the stunning mountains of the places covered in green foliage of trees, meadows covered with wildflowers. Let us stay for a picnic, and then trekking tour down to the river Kara-Suu in Kyrgyzstan, where we will pitch a camp.
Day 4: Day tour starts with trekking tour will take approximately 27 km, first trekking tour through the village of Kyzyl-Kul, where there is an old forge. Then trekking tour is into the mountains, as if they are covered with a carpet of different colors. Today you will have lunch with the local Kyrgyz family in jailoo, where there is a touch of life of local people. Then we will have trekking tour back to the village Arkit, and pitch our camp near a mountain stream.
Day 5: Early in the morning trekking tour and travel round mountains surrounding our camp, enjoying the nature of local edges. And at night we'll have trekking tour back to Arkit. 
Day 6: Today we have trekking tour and travel across green meadows to visit the Sary Chelek National Park. After dinner we will continue this have trekking tour and travel to the foot of Ashu Pass (elevation 2750m). This is paradise for relaxation. Here we shall pitch our camp.
Day 7: Day tour starts with trekking tour to the lake Bakali, the road will take 24 km. After that we will have trekking tour along the shores of lakes Kealy-Kul and Chacha-Kul. Then we will have trekking tour to the place of lodging near the emerald waters of Lake Iri-Kul. Not far from our camp the source with the crystal, rich in minerals water, springs out of the ground.
Day 8: Today we have trekking tour from our camp to Lake Sari-Chelek through the hills. It was formed as a result of a strong earthquake. Sary Chelek is located in the center of the national reserve. Apart from the main lake within the reserve, there are six small lakes, which are located in its central part. After lunch, we have trekking tour to camp on the shores of the lake. 
Day 9: Today is a day of the rest. Free time for trekking tour , fishing tour , swimming tour , or you can stay at the camp, near the lake. So our trip along the shores of Lake Iri-Kul will complete. Dinner and night in this area.
Day 10: Early in the morning trekking tour to the lake Kara-Suu (15km), we'll have trekking tour over the pass Kuturma (2446m). The route to the pass is very steep and narrow, thus you will see that the Kyrgyz horse is very hardy and able to climb up on the various winding slopes. Then during our trekking tour we reach the lake Kara-Kamish, where we'll divide the transit camp.
Day 11: Today we'll have trekking tour higher in the mountains to the yurt settlements of local people, and if you are lucky you will be a witness of the national game Ulak tartysh.
We'll pitch the camp near the lake Kara-Kamish.
Day 12: Early in the morning trekking tour to descent to the lake of Kara-Kamish. Afterwads you will have trekking tour along the river Kara-Suu, on the tour road we'll meet a number of breathtaking waterfalls. After lunch you have trekking tour to the village of Kyzyl-Kul, where we'll stay for the night. 
Day 13: Early in the morning we will have return back to Bishkek. At night, we will stay in the hotel.
Day 14: Return home.



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