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Kyrgyzstan Trekking: Trek 09
Your trip: Kyrgyzstan
Type of trip: Trekking Tour
Time of tour: 14 days

Day 1: You will come to the Manas international airport and your guide will meet you. You will be accompanied in Bishkek city. Then you will have breakfast. After that, relaxing walk in the city of Bishkek, it is possible to make a trip to the National Park Ala-arch, or a ride on a mountain road in the gorge Issyk-ATA. Return to Bishkek
Day 2: Today you will have trekking tours through the valley Suusamyr Ashuu Multi-pass. We will begin a tour of the valley trekking through ravines Kekemeren Chaek village. Night is organized in tents or in a guest house in Chaek.
Day 3: After a delicious breakfast you will pass trekking tour through the Kara-Keche and down the lake Son-Kul. Night was organized in yurt.
Day 4: After a delicious breakfast trekking tour along the southern and western shores of Lake Son-Kul. Your lunch will be served at 00:00 After dinner will be held overnight in your camp.
Day 5: Breakfast significantly. Trekking tour and descend Ashuu Kalamak-needed-Bulak village. After dinner will be held overnight in a camp.
Day 6: After a good breakfast you will be trekking tour from v.Sary-Bulak Kudzhur Kara upstream. At the end of the valley we will have a trekking tour to pass Zhalpak Bell. Ascent Trekking tour pass. Your overnight tented camp was organized at the pass.
Day 7: After a delicious breakfast trekking tour from the pass and then move upstream to the right branch of the river Dzhyluu-Su. Your lunch will be served at 00:00 Trekking tours mineral hot springs. Night is organized in tents.
Day 8: Today you will tour trekking along gorges Uchimchek (Ashuluu-Tobe), by Tosor camp at the foot of the pass. Your lunch will be served at 00:00 You will have time to have a trekking tour in mountain Chankyr-Kul lake.
Day 9: Today you will have trekking tours over the past Tosor. Your lunch will be served at 00:00 Then you will have one tour Trekking down the gorge on the shore of Lake Issyk-Kul. Trekking tours in Tamga village is waiting for you. Your overnight is organized in the guest house.
Day 10: Day of rest. You may have a radial trekking tours. Night was organized at the guest house.
Day 11: Today you will have trekking tours Jeti-Oguz gorge. More than half of the route will pass along the asphalt road, dirt road crossing will begin after the turn of the valley (about 30 km to the camp). Night was organized in yurts.
Day 12: Day tour begins with trekking up the main road, then a trekking tour of Karakol. Your lunch will be served at 00:00 after lunch would be a walk through town, visiting the sights. Night was organized at the guest house.
Day 13: After a delicious breakfast transfer to Bishkek along the northern coast of Issyk-Kul, a Boom gorge. Night was organized at the guest house.
Day 14: In the morning your guide will take you from hotel and transfer to Manas International Airport.


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Kyrgyzstan trips and tours

Kyrgyzstan tour and travel

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Kyrgyzstan tours and trips

Kyrgyzstan travels and tours

Kyrgyzstan trips and travels

Kyrgyzstan tour and trip

Kyrgyzstan travel and tour



    Attraction of foreign investments and tourists became the important strategy

Developments of tourism of Kyrgyzstan. It is completely justified by that fact, that

Annually the quantity of having a rest foreign tourists increases on 15 -

30 %.

    According to Committee on tourism, sports and youth policy KR in 2003

To year of all in tourism sphere it is involved investments for the sum of 14.7 million

US dollars.

    Direct foreign investments arrive both from the CIS countries, and from

The countries out of the CIS. According to data of National statistical committee KR in

2002 from the CIS countries has arrived 1,9 million US dollars in the form of straight lines

Foreign investments, and from the countries out of the CIS - 10,8 million US dollars,

That has in aggregate made 12,7 million US dollars. [29]

    Dynamics of receipt of direct foreign investments into tourism sphere

Kyrgyzstan it is presented in table 2.24. On the basis of the given table it is constructed

The evident diagramme (the Diagram 2.26). On the diagramme the tendency is observed

Increases in receipt of direct foreign investments into tourism sphere

Kyrgyzstan, despite recession in 2001.



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