Traditions & Customs

Kyrgyzstan still bears traditions and customs of the ancient times that is considered to be essential phenomena in everyday life. Folk traditions in Kyrgyzstan in association with Turkic and Mongolian peoples are closely connected to nomadic way of life. Nomadic life is in all holidays, folk crafts, poems and music, and cuisine of course that you may taste in your tour in Kyrgyzstan. Kyrgyz follow customs and traditions, and in the past as well as nowadays every girl being a bride must have a special small wardroom where her marriage portion as various carpets and blankets along with almost all necessary for livelihood.

            At the present time, being a sovereign country and modern society, Kyrgyzstan and people of the country respect, love and honor folk traditions. Knowledge is going from generation to generation. Traditions and customs are celebrated in the country each year with tasty food, demonstrations and concerts which you may witness in a tour in Kyrgyzstan.

One and the main tradition of the Kyrgyz people is hospitality that used to be in previous times and is everywhere nowadays. Since the ancient times every guest in Kyrgyzstan cannot leave without visiting Kyrgyz House. The permanent food on the table is a fried bread "boorsok". Due to the way of life of nomadic people, there emerged different kinds of bread like "komoch-nan"(round bread), "tandyr-nan", baked in special round clay oven. The national drink is Kumys is made from the mare's milk.

Traditions and customs are different for different people but everyone respects and loves their own with guests to do the same. Every year there are different celebration events in Kyrgyzstan and it is rather easy to feel the culture of Kyrgyzstan and people during a tour in Kyrgyzstan.

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