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Kyrgyzstan Trekking: Trek 08
Your trip: Kyrgyzstan
Type of trip: Trekking Tour
Time of tour: 14 days

Day 1: Arrival in Bishkek City, where we will meet at the airport and transfer to your hotel. Then you will have breakfast and rest. City tour. At night, we will stay at the hotel.
Day 2: Early morning transfer by bus from Bishkek to Tamga village (330 km). The first half of the road passes along the Chu valley Kyrgyz Range. Next, passing a fishing town, the road passes along the southern shore of Lake Issyk-Kul. In the way of beautiful views of lake and mountains along the trekking tour Terskey. At night, we will stay in guest houses.
Day 3: Early morning you will have trekking tours along the main road to the intersection with the main road into the gorge Tosor. Then you will have trekking tours along the dirt road from the main road at the confluence of rivers and Tosor Toguz-Bulak. Then the crowd along the river is river trekking tours Tosor Pass. At night, we will stay in tents.
Day 4: Today you will have trekking tours during Tosor pass further down the river and hot springs Suu Uchemchek. Expense, is the southern spur Uchemchek Terskey-Ala-Too, located in River Basin Kichi-Nary, has small glaciers, which have originated from the river and Uchemchek Burkan. You will have lunch on the road. Trekking tour along alpine steppe and alpine scenery is waiting for you. Dinner is the evening.
Day 5: Day off. Then you need trekking tour Teshik-Kul Lake (3504 m above sea level). At night, we will stay in tents.
Day 6: Early morning trekking tour of hot springs along the river to the confluence with Jiluu Suu River Burkan, an amalgamation of these rivers formed Balgart River. Trekking tour will be along the river to its confluence with Balgart Archaly River. Then Dzhilangach river trekking tour, where all these rivers, blending together form the river Kichi-Nary. You will have a trekking tour along the river left Balgart hilly and steep, covered with glacial deposits. Night in tents.
Day 7: Today you will have trekking tours along the river and Kichi-Balgart Nary Nary the village site, which is located at a distance of 4 km from the confluence with the Kichi-Nary Nary. You will have lunch on the road. Dinner is the evening.
Day 8: Today you will have trekking tours along the river in the city of Nary Nary. Near the city of landscapes Nary you have a trekking tour to steep slopes that are covered with dense juniper. Nary Valley climate is dry. Dinner and overnight at your camp.
Day 9: Day trekking tour starts with the Nary in the village of Ak-Tal. Then you have a trekking tour in the valley that is cut and expand up to 15 km. The climate is dry, but hotter. Slopes of hills covered with grass. At night, we will stay in tents.
Day 10: Early morning we will tour trekking from village Ak-Tal on the road that runs along the gorge jacket in Son-Kul lake. At the beginning of the high walls of rock, and a remarkable gorge trekking tours. Then we start a trekking tour through the forest area in the alpine meadows. At night, we will stay in tents.
Day 11: Today you will have trekking tours around Lake Son-Kul Lake in-Bulak village needed. Needed-Bulak village is located in Kochkor valley. In the valley you have a trekking tour and see many pastures. Dinner is the evening.
Day 12: Today you will have the necessary trekking tour from village to Boom-Bulak gorge. Kochkorka road runs past the village. Dinner is the evening.
Day 13: The day begins with the Boom valley trekking tour in Bishkek. Already a familiar route passes through the Chu valley along the Kyrgyz Range. During the trekking tour to see beautiful scenery of the mountains. At night, we will stay at the hotel.
Day 14: Back home.



    Until recently in the device of the Prime minister there was a department

Tourism and business which supervised questions of the tourist

Branches. After the next structural reorganisation in the Government in the autumn

2002 this department has been abolished, and tourism has been transferred in department socially -

Cultural development where among other sectors the sector of a science enters also,

Formations, cultures, tourism and sports. [20] tourism, this

In industrial branch the division began to be engaged in the Government

Social questions. As they say, comments izlishni.

    From the analysis of structure of institutes legislative and operating branch

It is visible, that the relation at the state to tourist branches not as to

Industrial branch of economy, and as to branch social

Orientations. If it was differently, in tourism would be engaged

Divisions and experts of branches of production of goods. It is one

From the reasons of proslipping of branch plans and programs. In due time we much

Sneered concerning that, for example, tourism was in Kazakhstan

In the ministry knowing oil. It is represented, that in vain sneered

- «In another's eye a mote it is visible...». The relation to tourism at us in

To republic, apparently, again changes for the worse.



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