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Kyrgyzstan Trekking: Trek 14
Your trip: Kyrgyzstan
Type of trip: Trekking Tour
Time of tour: 15 days

Day 1: Arrival in Bishkek City, where we will meet at the airport and transfer to your hotel. You will be accompanied in Bishkek city. Then you will have breakfast and rest. City Tour. At night, we will stay in a guest house.
Day 2: Early morning transfer to Chon-Valley We drive (170 km distance). Start trekking tour along River Chon-we (distance about 20 km). You will have lunch on the road. At night, we will stay in tents.
Day 3: Today you will have trekking tours along we have Chon River to the foot of the Kok-Airyk Pass. Distance of about 25 km trekking. Road no great deprivation. It is found in good ways. At night, we will stay in tents (2650 m above sea level).
Day 4: Early morning trekking tour on the Kok-Airyk Pass (3913 m). On top of the pass about 15 road serpentines found in some places with stones. On top of Kok-Airyk Pass trekking tours passage probably small snow fields. This is an area of ​​small glaciers. From here you will have a trekking tour and visit beautiful places of Issyk-Kul overlooking Lake. In general the road is good. After subtracting a trekking tour on the main road (15 km). At the distance of trekking tour is about 15 km. Dinner is the evening.
Day 5: It assumes to be a day off. By lunch you can stay under the sun on a beach tender. After lunch we have trekking tours in the village of Kochkor. Family run hotels and traditional dinners Kyrgyzstan is waiting for you.
Day 6: Early morning you will tour the village trekking necessary Kochkor-Bulak village on a main road. Then we have a trekking tour along the river Kara-Kujur (35 km). You will have lunch on the road. At night, we will stay in tents (2600 m).
Day 7: Early morning trekking tours to Jalpak-Bel Pass (3350 m). Trekking tour to joining the Kara-SAZ and Kichi-Nary Rivers. Day of trekking distance is about 20 km on a good path. At night, we will stay in tents (2700 m).
Day 8: Early morning you will have trekking tours along Kichi-Nary Valley. For you will stay overnight at the beautiful Gorge-Kungei necessary. You will have lunch at a camp site. After lunch optional trekking necessary to Kungei-Gorge. Day of trekking distance is 15 km. Dinner and night in tents.
Day 9: Day trekking tour starts with Kichi-Nary along the River to the confluence with a stream Nary. That we have a trekking tour along the river Nary Nary. Of trekking distance is about 20 km. Nary family run accommodation.
Day 10: Today you will have trekking tours on Kyzyl-Bel Pass to Tash_Rabat. During ancient Tash-Rabat hotel (XI century). You will have lunch on the road. At night, we will stay in the yurt of a local family.
Day 11: After breakfast we have a trekking tour to Pass the car Beurailu gather and transfer people to unite and Col-Kurtka Kaiyng and Rivers (80 km). Trekking in the distance about 20 km. At night, we will stay in tents (2050 m).
Day 12: Early in the morning half day trekking to Son-Kul Lake (about 5 km distance). You will have lunch on the road. Trekking will be on Moldo-Ashuu Pass and camp at a shore of Lake Son-Kul (3020 m). Song-Kul Lake is the second largest lake in Kyrgyzstan. This lake is a summer pasture for local people. Dinner is the evening.
Day 13: Today you will have trekking tours to the Kara-Keche Pass (3384 m). After that is the mountain pass trekking tour. You'll have a look at open coal mines of Kara-Keche air during the trekking tour. Then cycling through fields to Chaek. The latter slipped down on the ground small way, but experience is better breathing. In the distance about 15 km altitude falls below about 600 m. Day of trekking distance is about 20 km. Family run hotels in Chaek.
Day 14: Early morning transfer by car to Bishkek (about 250 km) tunnel through Ashuu Multi-Pass (3586 m). You will have lunch on the road. Dinner is the evening.
Day 15: Back home.



    As an example we will consider KATOS which has been registered in

January, 2003. [22] KATOS - the member national organisation, which

Advances services of the enterprises which are engaged in tourism, based on

Communities, also represents interests of the members. KATOS it is supported

The project of support of the tourism based on communities (PPTOS) which was

It is initiated in May, 2000 the Given initiative has found support from the party

Local population, and for today in Kyrgyzstan actively work 10

Groups of development of tourism on the basis of communities.

    The main objective the Association puts increase of a standard of life in

The remote mountain regions by means of development of an infrastructure and objects

Tourism without damage to environment and culture of local residents.

The association gives support to the members - to the organisations by means of

Workings out and realisations of marketing strategy, advancements of the goods and

Services, training to bases of tourism and business, the help in the organizational

Development of the members, and also by representation of interests of the members in

To working out of a policy of branch at national level and in negotiations with

Representatives of the base industry of tourism.



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