Rest on lake

The most beautiful lake in Kyrgyzstan is Issyk-Kul! Issyk-Kul became the recreation center not only for Kyrgyz people, but also for the guests of the country! No wonder! Because Issyk-Kul Lake is the second biggest alpine lake in the world! It is 180km long, 60km wide, and it is 690m deep! The sandy shores of the lake and its limpid medicinal waters draw and attract. Issyk Kul has health-giving properties because of its brackish water and a lot of minerals.

In Issyk-Kul it is impossible just to lie on the beach, when there are unique chances for spending of more active leisure-time:  one-day outing to the mountain gorges, riding a horse and cycling, yachting, windsurfing and diving.

We offer you to rest on the shore of its amazing lake, which surrounded from every quarter by celestial mountains of Tien-Shan!

At your disposal are enormous amount of health resorts and vacation houses, for all tastes and wish!


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