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Each of us had a dream to be a real traveler and adventurer. Now you have a unique chance to realize your dream!!! For the first time in Kyrgyzstan we offer you Off road tour!!!
This tour we made especially for those people, who want to drive their iron horses by themselves off-the-road! We offer you 4 jeeps - Niva Taiga for the tour of the celestial mountains of Kyrgyzstan. Why Niva Taiga because it is the most suitable transport! We have been working with that cars for three years, and for that time we have had only several puncture tires and two broken headlights - and that is all! And also before each tour all the cars go through a careful checkup.
During the tour Mitsubishi Delica will escort you - due to it's capacity, there will be all the useful things for the tour. Also during the several days you will be escorted by a military car - ZIL 6WD, which will be able to help you overcome difficult obstacles.
Niva Taiga was made especially for the drive off-the-road - it has not excessive softness and comfort - but it is ideal for any kind of roads and obstacles! Even Vladimir Putin bought such car!
Our roads and surrounding nature will not leave you and your friends indifferent.

Off road tour: "The end of roads"
Duration: 12 days



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