Extreme holidays

Mixed tour:  "Extreme holidays"
Duration: 14 days

Day 1: Arrival at Bishkek - Ala-Archa
Arrival at Manas airport. Journey to the national park Ala-Archa. It is a unique place because the canyon is located at a height of 1200m. As is generally known in those altitudes the heart beat out a rhythm, which is the longest interval for the rest of cardiac muscle, which prolong one's life. And also the canyon is famous for it?s blue spruces and archa. Thyroid () qualities of archa are staggering; people say that for cleaning the city with the population of more than one million people, it is enough to transplant only 1hectare of archa. We will walk over the canyon, ascent to the grave of the alpinists and to the spurs of the Kyrgyz mountain ridge. We will taste a mutton kebab and pilau in the wild. You will spend a night at the hotel Ala-Archa.

Day 2: Ala-Archa - Chon-Kemin. Rafting
The whole day will be devoted to water. After breakfast we will journey to Chon-Kemin canyon, we will make all preparations for rafting. We will come to Chu River. Rafting in the Chu River for 2 hours. Dinner. Rafting for 3 hours.  Coming to the guest house Ashu. Supper.

Day 3: Chon-Kemin - Jeti-Oguz
This day will be devoted to the preparations, walk. We will journey to the canyon Jeti-Oguz, from the south shore of Issyk-Kul.We will ramble over the canyon. Fantastic, red mountains Sem Bykov (Seven Bulls). You will stay at the yurt camp.

Day 4: Jeti-Oguz - Chon-Kyzyl Suu. Trekking.
At dawn we will pack things into a bag and set out. We will traverse from east to west Kyrgyz mountain range with the height from 1400m to 2900m above sea level, through spruce forests and nomad?s summer pastures. We will have a picnic on the way. We will descent to the valley Chon-Kyzyl Suu nand then to the ancient physicogeographical station, where we will to pitch a tent for the night. We will spend a night in the tents.

Day 5: Chon-Kyzyl Suu. Trekking.
We will arrange a little party with a great feast. By tradition we will kill a lamb and prepare a national dish ? Kuurdak. But we will not forget about extreme. We will cross the river and walk up to the morainal lake ? Sharkaratma, which formed at the foot of the huge glacier. Then we will come back to the camp. We will spend a night in the tents.

Day 6: Chon-Kyzyl Suu - Kichi-Kyzyl Suu. Horse- back riding tour.
This day we will mount celestial horses, as Chinese called them and we will ride to the valley - Kichi-Kyzyl Suu, through deserted caravan routes. We will make up a picnic on the way. We will spend a night in the tents.

Day 7: Kichi-Kyzyl Suu - Juukuchak. Horse back riding tour.
The last day but one of the riding tours. We will ride 3400m to the pass Juuk. The day is full of impressions and extreme. We will make up a picnic on the way to the pass. Then we will ride down the pass. Maybe we will swim in a pool with radon sources. We will spend a night in the tents.

Day 8: Juukuchak - Juku. Horseback riding tour.
We will ride a horse along dry canyons of Juukuchak and climbing to the valley Juku, where we will have an opportunity to meet local nomads and taste a fresh koumiss ? drink of youth and strength. We will spend a night in the tents.

Day 9: Juuku - Barskoon. Horseback riding tour.
The climax of the riding tour is the passage through the valley Dungurome, across glacier tongues and purl mountain rivers of turquoise colour. We will spend a night in the tents.

Day 10: Barskoo - Issyk-Kul
We will come back to Karakol city, where we will visit the unique Dungan mosque, which is built without the use of nails and the Holy Trinity Church, where we can see the Tikhvin icon of the Mother of God, who save Moscow from fascists. Then we will continue our way to the north shore of Issyk-Kul Lake. Scuba diving in search of sunken treasures of Silk Road age. Toward the evening you will be provide with hotel accommodation in the boarding house.

Day 11: Issyk-Kul
We will come to the shore of the lake, water entertainments. You will be providing with hotel accommodation in the same boarding house.

Day 12: Issyk-Kul
Before dinner we'll make a trip by launch in Issyk-Kul Lake. After dinner we will explore the mountains of Issyk-Kul and Kungei Ala Too. In the daytime we will walk in the picturesque valleys. Then we will come back to the boarding house.

Day 13: Issyk-Kul - Bishkek
After dinner we will come back to the capital of Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek city. You will have an opportunity to walk in the city, shopping, have a dinner in the restaurant. You will spend a night in the hotel.

Day 14:  You will fly to home.


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