Kyrgyzstan visa

Kyrgyzstan Visa

It is possible to obtain a Tourist Visa:
- From a Kyrgyz Embassy or Consulate abroad upon production of a letter of invitation. The cost of a visa varies from Embassy to Embassy.
- From Russian or Kazakh Representation Office if there is no Kyrgyz representation in a given country.
- On arrival at Bishkek Airport. You should notify a representative of the Consular Section on arrival. The cost of a visa is $US 70.00.

Conditions of Residence
When you arrive in Kyrgyzstan you must register within 3 working days in the passport department (OVIR) where you are staying (Office of Visas and Registrations), it is better to do it  in Bishkek. You can do it yourself. The office address is 58 Kievskaya St. They do not work on Saturday, Sunday or Monday. Registration costs about 120 som. Before going to OVIR you must stop at a branch of the AKB Bank, say "OVIR", to pay around 120 som and get a receipt for the OVIR office.
If you stay in the country longer than three working days without registering and OVIR can prove that, you could be fined the equivalent of US$25.
Our company is able to get the OVIR registration for you. It costs 10 EUR per person.

List of countries, citizens of those are released from OVIR and can get Kyrgyz Visa without LOI. You can easily get it right in the airport when you arrive:
Federative Republic of Germany
Greece Republic
Iceland Republic
Ireland Republic
Italian Republic
Kingdom of Belgium
Kingdom of Dania
Kingdom of Netherlands
Kingdom of Norwegian
Kingdom of Spain
Kingdom of Sweden
New Zealand
Republic of Finland
Republic of France
Republic of Korea
Republic of Malta
Republic of Portuguese
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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