We suggest that you quickly apply for a visa and go on a travel tour with car for rent Kyrgyzstan to the wonderful country. If you are the holder of diplomatic and service passports, then you have certain periods of visiting the country. 30 days for countries such as PRC, Hungary, Turkmenistan, Pakistan, Iran, Slovakia, Indonesia, Korea. 90 days for India, Poland, Qatar, Estonia, France, Italy, Morocco. If you need an electronic visa, then you need to go to the website  Before travel to Kyrgyzstan, it is necessary to check the information on the website as often as possible, as there may be changes. After confirming your visa, make an open card payment for international transactions. If you plan to travel with a car rent in Kyrgyzstan in a group, then for a visa for a month, there should be about 15 people. Well, then after the approval of the visa, you must immediately buy a ticket to Kyrgyzstan and start getting ready for a tour. Remember that in order to make the travel tour, use the car for rent Kyrgyzstan service, you need to obtain an electronic visa and then cross the border of one of the following points - Manas-airport, "Osh-airport", "Chon - Kapka - avtodorozhnyi", "Chaldybar - avtodorozhnyi", Ak -Jol - avtodorozhnyi", "Ak - Tilek -avtodorozhnyi", "Dostuk - avtodorozhnyi", "Kyzyl - Bel - avtodorozhnyi", "Kulundu - avtodorozhnyi", "Bor -Dobo - avtodorozhnyi", "Irkeshtam - avtodorozhnyi", "Torugart - avtodorozhnyi".

Kyrgyzstan tours.

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