Uzgen complex

In 54 km from Osh on the right shore of the river Kara Darya the Uzgen Complex is located. It is the center of history, culture and architecture. During tours in Kyrgyzstan it is recommended to visit the complex as it bears a long history. The very city Uzgen started its existence in the II-I centuries BC. Those times it was the center of trade for people travelling in Kyrgyzstan from Fergana valley to Kashgar. Then in the XI-XII centuries the city became the second capital of the Karakhanid state.  And the flourishing period gave the emergence of the Uzgen complex in Kyrgyzstan. As for the complex itself, it is considered to be a beautiful minaret with a number of mausoleums inside it. The complex is 45 m high, but long time ago it was destroyed. This cased the complex to be 27.5 m high nowadays. It may be visited as a part of a tour program in Kyrgyzstan. There are 3 parts of the complex, the foundation is 2 m deep and sides of it are 9 m. All walls are made of rock and are sealed. The lower part of the complex is made of burnt bricks of 5 m high. In the south of the complex walls are 2 m high. In the middle of the complex the bottom is 8 m and the upper side is 6 m. and of course during your tour in Kyrgyzstan it is advised to see a staircase of 53 steps. The minaret is presented to us as a mosque, the main idea is for the mullah to say prays to his people. 

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