Traditional clothes of Kyrgyz people

Our team has agreed to create a special article on the traditional clothes of Kyrgyz people, as this is a very important discussion subject. So, welcome to our Kyrgyzstan business, rent a car and get ready for a lovely tour. Today, many tourists will pass across the boundaries of our flexible nation and take an interest in cultural rituals and clothing customs.

In Kyrgyzstan, tourists also want to see the nation they visit in great detail on tours. Clothes appear to represent the main ideas and facts of the people and the region. Usually, the substance of Kyrgyz garments mirrors spiritual life, and it has been and appears to be exceptional for around 700 years. People's clothes, except on such times, are never used in daily life. And eventually, the clothes remain adaptive to the way of life of the nomadic people, so that they feel safe in the heights amid the tides.

Car rental for tours in Kyrgyzstan can take wanderers to some of the museums that exhibit traditional clothes, including outwear and underwear. The men were wearing "jarq shym", "kandagay" and "chalbar" trousers. Longitudinal with a light "Ichik" coat. It is made of lynx fur, fox and wolf. It can also be part of the usual female theme for this dress. Chokoy and Charyk shoes, and Tebetey, Kalpak and Malakai caps were also chosen by men to wear. Women wore Beldemchi, the skirt they desired. The girls' caps were also adorned with bird feathers. Pearls and precious stones, along with various traditional ornaments. The "chyptama" jacket was also used at the time by children.

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