For your tour to be going without difficulties we have decided to outline general information about the territory of Kyrgyzstan. In the course of a tour in Kyrgyzstan rent a car you will be able to make a witness of various regions of the country. All these regions can attract you with significant places of the country and you will surely have a desire to make a visit of all of them in the course of travelling in Kyrgyzstan cars for rent. For you to know, Kyrgyzstan is a country, the territory of which is seen to be 198,500 km2. Out of it you are free to get to know that there are neighbors on each side of the country. Travelling on the east of the country you can see China, in the north of the country there is Kazakhstan, in the west there is Uzbekistan and of course Tajikistan is on the south. In case you point out main details of a tour of your dream, we are ready to find and organize the greatest tour ever. We are glad to present you regions of the country where you can travel:


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