Son Kul lake

In Kyrgyzstan there are a lot of high altitude lakes worth visiting, and one of such lakes is our second pearl Son Kul. The lake may be transmitted as "following lake". It is located in the north of Kyrgyzstan, in the Naryn region. It is considered to be a high-altitude lake as it is 3016m. It is considered to be the second largest lake in Kyrgyzstan, but it is the first lake of fresh and clean water. The lake is located between wide summer pastures and mountains of Tien Shan. The lake is 29 km long, 18 km wide and 22 m deep. The dream of most visitors of Kyrgyzstan is seen in shining water of transparent lake. Weather of the territory of the lake makes surroundings of different colors: purple and blue, then suddenly yellow and orange. During summer time it is possible to visit lake and try to live like real nomads in yurt camps! But in the winter it may be complicated as temperatures are rather low, taking into account the fact it is located in mountains where temperature is always lower than in lowlands. Snow lies here for 130-160 days and usually all paths are closed. The very season of travelling in Kyrgyzstan starts in summer and you may visit Son Kul the lake of fresh water and nice weather. As all beautiful and picturesque places, the emergence of Son Kul is connected with legends. One of legends says that there was a statehood of a very cruel khan. He gathered the most beautiful young girls from the whole Tien Shan. These girls were very sad and were always crying bitter tears. In the result the mountains were moved to pity and they flooded the statehood of the severe khan.

The lake is home for 66 species of waterfowl, bursting from May to September. Also fauna of the lake is represented by Indian goose. But the very lake is fishless, anyway became home for different species of fish. Every year about 100 tons of fish are caught in the lake. Long time ago in ancient times the territory of Son Kul in Kyrgyzstan was used by nomads and their pastures, herds of horses. And nowadays nomads spend summertime with their families here. The lake is located the way to be close to mountains that radiates pearl shining of it. And for that view it is highly recommended to make a tour in Kyrgyzstan. During excursions you will meet shepherds, nomads and they are always happy to talk to tourists and tell all what is great in Kyrgyzstan. In the course of a tour in Kyrgyzstan and lake Son Kul in particular, you will have an opportunity to try to live like real nomads: to live in yurts, to drink koumiss. At the same time there is a great opportunity to make amazing photos against breath-taking views of the lake: emerald-green pastures, colorful surroundings.

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