The rituals help to preserve national unique specifics and culture of each nation. Kyrgyzstan is no exception and has its own unique rituals. Our team is ready to inform tourists about the basics of culture and rituals in Kyrgyzstan. In addition, we provide tours with rent the car Bishkek service through which many people travel around the country and learn a lot about it. Mostly travelers like to use Kyrgyzstan rent cars service for the tour and go explore the culture and rituals with the help of the locals. The rituals have been founded since the time of the Turkic tribes and have been passed down from generation to generation. The ceremonies and rituals of the former nomadic people, that is, the Kyrgyz, of course, were based on their way of life.

Here we want to start with the rituals of childbirth. Therefore, it will be interesting for travelers to find out during the tour with the cars for rent service. And so here, we will briefly inform you. The first thing associated with childbirth is the "suiunchu" message of the good news of the birth of a baby. Then comes the "korunduk" ritual, relatives and friends of the family hand over money to parents for the right to see the baby. Next comes "beshik toi", this is a ritual of celebration. On this day of the celebration, many people come, prepare delicious traditional dishes, and burn juniper. Then the rituals "Tushoo kesuu" when the baby begins to take the first steps. On the day of "Tushoo kesuu", close friends and relatives are invited to visit with the children to tie the child's legs, and when other older children reach his running competition, the winners untie the ropes.

The following significant rituals are associated with the wedding. Travelers will also be able to learn more about them from the guides during the tour with rent a car Kyrgyzstan service. And so, the Kyrgyz people now attach special importance to weddings, and it is considered obligatory to hold a wedding celebration with a large number of people in a large restaurant. This is a very expensive celebration today. Earlier in Kyrgyzstan, a prohibited method was practiced as the theft of the bride "ala kachuu", which is now punishable by law. Sometimes even an unknown person could steal a girl as a bride and a girl could not leave the groom's house according to the rules of traditions. Now the ritual "kyz uzatuu" (farewell from the parental home) is very popular. Then, in the groom's house, the rite of "nike kyiuu" is performed, legalization of marriage according to Muslim traditions. Well, after that, a celebration comes, that is, a wedding in a large restaurant. Come to Kyrgyzstan and travel through tours with rent the car Bishkek service where you will learn more about all the current and irrelevant rituals of the people.

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