Prehistory of the Kyrgyz

In order to make tours in Kyrgyzstan even more interesting, you should learn the main facts about   the history of the country. It is even more important for people, who want to rent a car and travel by their own. Kyrgyzstan has a rich and infinity history, which cannot fully explained in this short article. Nevertheless, the guests always have an opportunity to ask questions to guides, communicate with locals and of course nomadic people.

During the tours, the guests usually have a chance to see the ancient scripts on the walls of the gorges. They show us the ancient time and the lifestyle of nomadic people. They were moving from pastures to pastures with all their staffs including yurts (collapsible dwellings). The history of the country is estimated to be of 2000 years old, while the first mention in the written notes dated back to 201 BC.

Our company offers a car rent service, that gives an opportunity to explore all corners of the country and visit all cultural monuments of ancient times. One of them is the Rock Art Gallery, located in Cholpon-Ata, Issyk-Kul region. Ths place was the center of spiritual life in the Bronze Age. On the walls, you will see different pictures of goats, bulls, horses and all of the animals, scenes of hunting, dancing, communicating.

As has been noted, the history of Kyrgyzstan starts in the Chinese notes in 201 BC. The entire ancient history covers the period from 1000 BC to 300 AD. Information about the Kyrgyz tribes appeared in the chronicle "Historical notes". It was described as one of the 5 tribes that were trying to conquer the Hunnu. Then they were mentioned in the chronicle Han-shu of historian Ban Gu. Nowadays many scholars claim that in ancient times the territory of Kyrgyz people was located in the Eastern Turkestan.

The period of 1200 to 1400 is full of tragic events such as invasions of the Mongols. Under the Mongol rule, the developed Turkic culture started to decline. In 1207 Yenisei Kyrgyz people were conquered by Chenghiz Khan. In 12-15th centuries, the nomads were taking the religion Islam. At that time, they were connected with Arab, Persian and Turkic traders.

Prehistory of the Kyrgyz, Kyrgyzstan tours. 

In the 15th century Kyrgyz people started to move from South Siberia. Due to that in 15th-19th centuries, there was no any state. Some leaders of tribes tried to unify Kyrgyz people, but no one could do it and establish a state. At that time tribes had independent political systems. 

The period from the 18th century to the beginning of the 20th century is marked by the accession of Kyrgyz people to the Russian Empire. Northern tribes wanted to defend themselves from external and internal threats and sent representatives to Russian Emperor. The southern tribes were against this policy, so they were joined by force. The annexation resulted in the change from nomadic to agricultural and citizen-like way of life.

In the beginning of the 20th century, in 1917, the Bolsheviks changed the political order in the Russian Empire. They supported the idea of equality of people and abolishment of exploitation. After the revolution, the Soviet Union was formed and the level of political, cultural life of Kyrgyzstan increased. The education was also improved. Statehood of the Kyrgyz people became an autonomous region, than - the republic. That process was tragic; there were prohibitions to have any faith, which caused the murders of innocent people.

In 1991 the USSR collapsed and Kyrgyzstan became an independent state. This event caused unemployment, declining living standards, political, economic and social crisis.  Independent Kyrgyzstan has created its own flag, anthem. In 1992 it became the member of the UN, in 1993  the Constitution of Kyrgyz Republic was created. The situation in the country was unstable.. There were 2 revolutions in 2005 and 2010. Nowadays Kyrgyzstan is a peaceful state and amazing destination for tours.  

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