Periods and meteorological conditions

Kyrgyzstan is full of the sun all year round, and has nice even warm weather. Therefore, before planning tours, all travelers should know the weather and the seasons and rent a car. Altitude-based temperatures can vary. It is surrounded by mountains and does not have sea or ocean.

Spring begins in the lowlands of March and in the highlands of April. The weather may be impredictable in the spring; rain or snow may be, but touring or renting a car is worth visiting. It might be quite bright and warm the next day. Since we are surrounded by hills, there are no stormy winds. The temperature in spring varies between +9 °C (50 °F) and +23 °C (74 °F).

One of the hottest seasons is summer and about mid-May comes in the lowlands. Then it starts to rain in late September. Summer is the best time to rent a car in Kyrgyzstan all around the country. In Kyrgyzstan, when people rent a car, they often know that weather is chilly on the hills. The summer temperature may fluctuate from +28 °C at the beginning of the season and +30 °C towards the end.

From the end of September until the beginning of November autumn is discovered. At this time of year, the air is chilly and predictable. Its terrible weather begins. On top of the bottom, it gets colder. The temperatures range from +25°C to +9°C (78°F), while the temperature is low as -2 °C (28°F). The temperature is variable.

Winter is the most frigid season of the year and it appears colder and stormer as you go up into the hills. At this time of year, the country is seeing severe snowfall, resulting in significant precipitation across the country. This season, visitors will rent a car more likely to drive to the mountains in Kyrgyzstan. Temperatures fluctuate from +4 °C to -7 °C (20 °F), lower than -15 °C. Low temperatures might be expected. We'll be glad if travelers opt for a tour or rent car in Kyrgyzstan.

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