Pearl of Central Asia Issyk Kul lake

The Issyk Kul Lake is definitely Kyrgyzstan's pearl. It is located in the heart of the highlands and offers breathtaking views of the "warm lake." Because it is salty, it never freezes. Some individuals believe in the legend around why it's salty. An earthquake is thought to have destroyed a city, the ancient city. Some of the females were out of town at the time, and when they returned and discovered the wreckage, they sobbed uncontrollably and filled the void.

Our team is prepared to organize a tour and car rent to the lake, whose water level fell by approximately 8.5 meters between 1856 and 2002. At the same time, travelers on a Kyrgyzstan tour may observe the lake that flows between the Kungey-Alatau and Terskey-Alatau mountain ranges in the north and south, respectively. The lake is said to be a fisherman's dream. While on the beach, you may also purchase naked osman, chebak, and carp. Travelers to Kyrgyzstan may rent a car and experience the cleanliness of the water, the air, and, of course, the ambience on a tour.


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