Peak Pobeda

Travelling in Kyrgyzstan it is advised to get closer the Peak Pobeda, the peak located in the Issyk Kul region. The peak is estimated to be 7439 m above sea level. Being in Kyrgyzstan you will find out the peak is the border with China, and that in the former Soviet Union it was known as the second highest peak. At the same time the peak was considered the most northern one located in Kyrgyzstan and Chinese side. Those who managed to vault the top of the peak and other highest ones are lucky to get the prize of "Snow Leopard". The name from the Chinese side is Tomur Peak. First the peak was taken as the Khan Tengri by Semyenov P. in the course of his tour in Kyrgyzstan. He mistakenly thought of it as Khan Tengri due to the pyramid form of the peak, though Peak Pobeda is not pyramid one. It is known that Peak Pobeda and Khan Tengri were seen as the latter one, just in different periods of time.

The Peak got the name Pobeda (Victory) in honor of the victory in the WW2 in 1946. The team from the Soviet Union first vaulted it in 1938; they thought it was smaller than 7439m. The team consisted of people from Chon tern Pass, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan. Despite lucky cases there were failed ones. The team from Kazakhstan tried to vault the top, but at the altitude of 6000m weather conditions complicated their deal - 12 members survived, some of them were helped by chance. And this peak has a darkened reputation.  During your tour in Kyrgyzstan if you decided to visit the top you should identify your ideas to our managers.

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