Peak Lenin

In the course of a tour in Kyrgyzstan, travelling in the Osh region near the border with Tajikistan you may witness the Peak Lenin. The peak is 7134 m and in the former Soviet Union was known as the third highest peak. It was difficult to describe the peak as it was always covered in clouds, but it is of a form of pyramid. Travelling in Kyrgyzstan there is an opportunity to get the history of peaks and become closer to the past.

As for the recognition of the peak, it was found and mapped by the Russian explorer A.P. Fedchanko. He travelled in the Central Asia and in 1871 he was in a tour in the Nortehrn Pamirs. He gave first reliable information about mountains of Pamirs. It is known that the peak was named differently, in honor of Governor General - Peak Kaufman, then Kuh-i-Gamo (Warm Mountain). And in 2017 the president of Kyrgyzstan suggested the parliament to rename it as Peak Manas. There were made attempts to vault the top in 1929, just two people managed to vault the top. The Soviet Red Army vaulted the top as professionals after two attempts. They vaulted and created a monument to Lenin among snow tops and ridges of Kyrgyzstan. For others to know about them they left a note. The note tells that this was the first climbing from the north made by three men on the 8th of September in 1934.

There were made a lot of attempts to vault the top by those travelling in Kyrgyzstan but necessary to mention are: 301 people vaulted the top in 1967 in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Soviet Union; 60 foreign representatives with 20 women among them made an expedition. All these expeditions in mountains of Kyrgyzstan created new routes (about 16) for climbers to take. One of the most complicated ones is the south-east.

For now, Peak Lenin attracts mountaineers to visit Kyrgyzstan and vault the top. It is considered to be the highest peak that is easy to climb. And the peak is one of most climbed 7000m mountains all over the globe.

Despite lucky cases there were tragic ones. Dozens of climbers of mountain in the territory of the modern Kyrgyzstan died in the result of unexpectedness of weather. 1974 is the year when women were caught by storm in the course of their expedition, and they just wanted to prove women can do everything; 1991 the year of a massive tragedy, when 44 climbers appeared under the icefall and earthquake saved only one, and the other only body was found.

Being in mountains of Kyrgyzstan and visiting the Peak Lenin, you should know that the base camp Achik Tash near the Lukovaya Polyana (Wild Onion Field) is last to be emerald green, with amazing pastures and green grass. Then stone and rocky mountains start.

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