Manas-Ordo creation

Many people and travelers who come here for tours and rent a car consider Kyrgyzstan to be a wealthy country in terms of historically significant sites, such as the Manas complex. It is 22 kilometers from Talas and can serve as the starting point for a Tash-Aryk excursion.

The land of this complex, also known as "Manas-Ordo," is believed to measure around 2.25 km2. As the guests in this case attend the complex constructed in honor of the hero Manas, the chance to rent a car in Kyrgyzstan on a tour is viewed as wonderful. It is thought to be the gumbez for Kyrgyzstan. 

There are stories that travelers who go through this area will learn that it was built in 1334, however according to another story, it was built for the burial of the emir Abuka's daughter. The stone warriors balbals were stationed to defend the compound. Travel to Kyrgyzstan and explore wonderful places on tours as well as use a car rent service done by us. 

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