Manas complex

Travelling in Kyrgyzstan you have an opportunity to visit different historical places and one of such sites is Manas Complex. It is located in the Talas region of Kyrgyzstan, in the village Tash-Aryk. Leaving Talas, in 22 km of it, you are recommended to visit the historical complex "Manas-Ordo". The area of 2.25 km2 lets you feel the history of the hero of Kyrgyzstan Manas. During tours in Kyrgyzstan there will be said legends about the hero - batyr Manas. Travelling in Kyrgyzstan and visiting the complex you are advised to visit the kumbez. Legends tell the site was built on the territory of Kyrgyzstan in honor of Manas, by heroes to the legendary hero. According to scientists the kumbez was created to bury the daughter of the emir Abuka. The complex is estimated to be built in 1334. The legend about the burial place of the daughter of emir Abuka is considered to be proved by images carved on the walls of the kumbez. Being in Kyrgyzstan you have an opportunity to see lots of stone sculptures. On the territory of the complex there are balbals - stone warriors.    

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