Language of Kyrgyz people

Tourists find it a great opportunity to take rent a car in Bishkek tour to travel and explore the language in close connection with the locals. With the help of such an agent as language, you can get closer to the local people while travel in Kyrgyzstan.

Our company believes that it is necessary to provide tourists not only with a travel tour with rent a car in Bishkek but also with dictionaries in Kyrgyz and Russian. Nevertheless, do not worry with you on the travel tour, there will also be our English-speaking guides who will be only happy to help you with any questions that may arise.

Kyrgyzstan travel 

You will be told in detail about the language family and the history of the development of the Kyrgyz language. Here we will note that the Kyrgyz language is a member of the Turkic languages. The Kyrgyz used Orhon-Yenisei as the very first script. Then there were changes in the field of religion, that is, with the arrival of Islam, the Kyrgyz language switched to the use of the Arabic alphabet. The Latin alphabet was also once used. When the Soviet Union came, the Kyrgyz language switched this time to Cyrillic. Cyrillic serves for the Kyrgyz language to this day with the addition of new sounds. Travel with rent a car in Bishkek trough Kyrgyzstan, where the official language is Kyrgyz, which has northern and southern dialects. Russian is the second common language of the state. Let our rent a car in Bishkek be a tool for your language learning on the travel tour!

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