Kyrgyz Rukh Ordo complex

Making a tour in Kyrgyzstan you are obliged to say so to make a visit of the Rukh Ordo complex. The complex is the place for all the cultures to unite and show the unity and love of them all. Mainly it was created as the place where 5 main religions are the only one for all who travel on rented cars in the country to witness and see it. There are white chapels symbolizing these 5 religions. Travelling on cars for rent along the south shore of lake Issyk Kul you are free to make a notice of the complex. In the north it borders the Kungei Ala-Too. In case you have an opportunity to travel to the complex, do not miss it as it is one of the most interesting and respectful places of the entire country. We are glad to organize a tour for you according to your wishes and desires. For this purpose you need to call us and tell what you are wishing. The main idea to be taken after travelling to the complex is that we must respect all religions and people of any religion. As we are all the one, the God is the only one just in different appearances. In the course of a tour you will surely feel it.

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