Kyrgyz Peak Pobeda

Peak Pobeda is known to be peak of 7439m above sea level. There have been made a lot of attempts of vaulting the top of this mountain during tours in Kyrgyzstan. Moreover, those who are eager to vault the Everest are said to mount the peak Pobeda first. According to historical facts which may be known by you when you start to travel on cars for renting in Kyrgyzstan, it is known that the peak was mistakenly taken for the peak Khan Tengri. This mistake was made by the explorer P. Semyenov during his tour in the country.

The peak lies on the border with China and due to it the Chinese name to the peak is Tomur Peak. As the peaks were taken for the only one, both had the name of Khan Tengri during different periods of time.

As we all know it was prohibited to travel to the mountains during the time of the Soviet Union. Just some local citizens were allowed to make tours. The peak was named this way due to the victory in WW2. And of course there have been made climbing attempts - in  1938 the group alpinists didn't expect the mountain to be as high, then in 1955 the team from Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan managed to mount at the height of 6000m above sea level. For now we can say that it is prohibited to rent cars and travel in the mountains in the winter as weather gets worse and worse, winds are cold and severe. Even in the summer time it may be dangerous and first we recommend to contact our managers before starting a tour to the peak. In case you have any questions you can contact our managers or visit our website for looking for details you are interested in.

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