Kyrgyz Peak Lenin

Making a tour in Kyrgyzstan professional mountaineers usually start travelling along various high altitude peaks as to the peak Lenin, for example. During your tour in rent cars Kyrgyzstan you will see that peak Lenin is 7134m high and is seen as the border with Tajikistan. The mountain where the peak is located has been under severe investigation of various researchers. In the course of their tours they were making decisions about the shape, the height of the mountain.

Nevertheless during the Soviet Union it was prohibited to travel to mountains of Kyrgyzstan and only some people were given special allowances - these were local citizens. Foreigners didn't have such an opportunity. Travelling on cars for rent to the peak you will be given a good sort of information about the country and mountains of Kyrgyzstan. So, in 1871 the researcher A.P. Fedchanko was travelling to the Northern Pamirs. Then  in 1929 the investigation of the mountain during the tour in Kyrgyzstan was made by the group of people. In 1934 the professionals from the Red Army made their own tour and put the monument to Lenin. The peak was previously known as the Peak Kaufman in honor of the General, then in honor of the Soviet leader it was renamed to peak Lenin.

Before starting a tour in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan you are advised to contact our managers and other professionals for them to make a sort of consultation as high in the mountains it may be extremely dangerous. Weather is unpredictable and seems to have already taken a great amount of tourists. As for the managed and succeed vaulting, in 1967 the group of 301 people from different countries decided to mount the peak in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Soviet Union - due to it now we know 16 new routes where to start to travel.

As for failed mounting, due to weather circumstances, in 1974 the group of women was taken by the storm, in 1991 the other group was taken by the earthquake where out of 44 people only one survived and only one dead was found. To avoid these tragic circumstances think twice before starting to travel to the peaks. In our turn we recommend you to make a visit of various base camps where it is possible to enjoy nature and breath-taking landscape.

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