Kyrgyz Musical instruments

Making a tour in Kyrgyzstan guests of the country notice at once that musical instruments are the peculiar part of the life of any nomad. It is possible to get to know that culture of the country has been transmitted only orally from generation to generation as there were no ways of transmittance in a writing way. In the course of a tour travelled in Kyrgyzstan on a car for rent it may become known that the one of the greatest testimonies of the Kyrgyz people is the epic Manas. It was created in 16-17th centuries and is seen to be recorded only in the 20th century by the Russian explorer. As there is the epic of 500,000 lines, there are those who are able to transmit it - manaschi. They may be witnessed by you in the course of you travelling in Kyrgyzstan. The process is going under the accompaniment of national instruments - komuz, temir-komuz, kyl-kyak, core, sorny, choor and zhetigen.

At the same time there such a process of improvisation which concerns performance of a song that differs from previous one completely. We are glad to organize such a tour in rented car in Kyrgyzstan which will be one of the greatest for you as travelling in Kyrgyzstan it is impossible not to miss the greatness of the culture.

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