Kyrgyz Mountains

Before starting to rent car Bishkek and travel in Kyrgyzstan we recommend you to get to know geography and biology along with amazing and breath-taking mountains of the country. In the course of a tour in Kyrgyzstan you have all the opportunities to find out the mountain systems of the country which are seen in the main Tien Shan mountain range. Travelling in the country as a part of a tour program may be investigation of mountain chains all over the country. It may be clearly seen that Kyrgyzstan is located at the high altitude, which means the country has a minimum height and the maximum height. In the course of a tour in Kyrgyzstan rent a car  it may become clear that 94% of the entire country is located at the altitude of 1000m above sea level and 71% is located at the altitude of 2000m above sea level.

Making a tour to be travelled on visiting Kyrgyzstan you should take into account the following: the mountain range Tien Shan is seen to be located at 2/3 at the territory of our country. It is divided into the following parts Northern, Western, Eastern, Central and Inner ranges with high peaks over 7000m above sea level. These peaks are also seen to be 23 higher than 6000m and 80 peaks higher than 5000-6000m above sea level.

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