Kyrgyz Handicraft

Your tour in Kyrgyzstan may be fulfilled with breath-taking emotions in case you pay your greatest attention to handicraft of the Kyrgyz people. Travelling in the country you can surely notice that mainly there are vessels and cases made or embroidered with leather. As for the vessels, we would like to note the following ones - sabaa to make kumis, chanach to transport it and kokoor to serve kumis. In the course of a rent a car tour in Kyrgyzstan you can make a visit of places in the village Kochkor or in the Asian Bazaar and make a witness of the creation of national carpets - Shyrdak, Alakiyiz. These carpets are going to serve for about 30-40 years. Usually they are embroidered with images of animals and flowers, with various lines and scenes of wedding or everyday activities.

For you to travel in Kyrgyzstan on cars rent without any complications it is required to contact our managers in advance. In this case they can surely find suitable tours for you to start to travel. And of course you can make a visit of our website where we have put main details about our country.

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