Kyrgyz Folklore show

Folklore show is the process of demonstration of various genres of poetry, music and songs. In the course of a tour in Kyrgyzstan you will be given a lot of legends and myths of sites of the country. These legends probably were created due to the fact that locals could not explain the real emergence of the site. Travelling in the country on cars for renting the first you should know is the emergence of the Kyrgyz - the people are said to appear due to the fact that 40 girls got pregnant from drinking the water of the river. Then they gave birth to 40 tribes.

Lyrics and just songs are seen to be of a type - sanat and imbue and songs and kuu. Kuu is a kind of a genre which takes in account the usage of various national instruments - komuz, kyyak, chopo choor.

When we start to talk about folklore of the country where you are going to travel on rented cars, we should mention the existence of men who are able to make an improvisation of anything - akyns. But manaschi are making the representation of famous epic Manas under the accompaniment of komuz.  Going on we can say that you are free to make a visit of the epic performance travelling in Kyrgyzstan but it can take days and even months as it is going without interruption.  Making a tour in Kyrgyzstan you are advised to travel to Bishkek and watch folklore show for 100$ per a group. Or you can travel to the village Kochkor where the show costs 50$. You are advised to visit our website and decide which tour to take. And our managers are ready to answer all questions you are interested in.

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