Kyrgyz customary thirst-quenchers

Nomads traversing mountains, valleys, and steppes relied on traditional Kyrgyz drinks. Drinks in this situation are both healthy and pleasant. In addition, they are both natural and practical. A Kyrgyzstan car rent tour would be incomplete without a taste of the local drinks.

It is made from mare's milk and is extremely vital to the Kyrgyz people's way of living. Lactation takes around 1.5 hours for mares to produce milk. People in the desert offer this drink in leather containers and bags made of leather. As well as its taste, many attribute the kymyz's qualities with a certain quantity of vitamins.

Maksym and Jarma
With addition to talkan (wheat grain) and flour, Maksym is typically fried in oil. As part of the tour, travelers may watch how locals add water, salt, and cook cereals for a particular length of time before leaving them to cool down for about 10 hours. As well as being highly beneficial, Jarma may be consumed hot or cold and is packed with nutrients. If you're very thirsty, drink it as well.

Airan is another traditional cow's milk drink. In this drink, you'll find beneficial bacteria. If you rent a car as Lexus LX470 in Kyrgyzstan and go on a tour, you may see the process of fermenting milk. As a thirst-quenching drink, this is a good choice for you.

Ak serke
Ak serke is another popular drink made from beef broth. You may make it by mixing one liter of chicken broth and buttermilk with one teaspoon of salt to make the "preparation." Then  wait for the water to warm up. In Kyrgyzstan, hungry travelers who rent a car may find themselves eating it and forgetting about their hunger.

Bozo is one of the most difficult cocktails to make since it has a lot of ingredients. Millet, maize, wheat, and rice are all naturally occurring components of the food chain that can be consumed. There are two types of bozo available to locals: the bozo strong and the bozo light, which are both tasty and mild in strength. Living in Kyrgyzstan, however, permits anybody to do anything they want when on a tour and renting a car. 

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