Kyrgyz Alpinism

Alpinism is a dangerous kind of sport which attracts mountaineers and all those who are eager to start something new during their tours in Kyrgyzstan. Unfortunately even in the present day it may be impossible to get out from the territory of mountains due to various darkening circumstances. That is why before starting a tour in Kyrgyzstan rent a car and before travelling to mountains of the country it is important to contact professionals, to undergo special training and to do everything under supervision.

During the time of the Soviet Union it was prohibited to travel to the mountains and make any tours. Probably the reason is in the absence of necessary security. Moreover, only local residents were allowed to get special allowance of starting tours of cars rent in the mountains. For now due to various reasons it is possible to make tours and travel wherever you want. But anyway mountains are seen to be dangerous in frames of risks of weather circumstances. In case you start a tour in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan on your own you may be in a great danger. That is why we recommend you to travel in Kyrgyzstan with the supervision of our team.

As the history tells us, when people manage to mount all peaks of 7000m were able to get the prize of Snow Leopard. In the whole estimation it is known that about 600 people got this award. Travelling in Kyrgyzstan you are advised not to pollute on the territory of the country as we are trying to preserve the pristine nature of the country and get the name of "the greenest country". During tours in Kyrgyzstan guests of the country are looking for all the opportunities of making photos against amazing and breath-taking views.

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