Konorchek canyons

Being in Kyrgyzstan you should visit Konorchek canyons. Canyons are located in 125 km from Bishkek. This picturesque site of Kyrgyzstan is seen as Large and Small Canyon. Tourists of Kyrgyzstan tend to visit such a place due to magnetic labyrinths where you don't notice how time passes. At the territory of canyons there are extinct volcanoes of 3 million years old that make landscape and views of Kyrgyzstan so unforgettable and amazing that you will return here. Canyons are estimated to be 1.5 million years old.  As for peculiar features of the site, there are columns of 500 m. The height was created with the help of string winds. Canyons and their labyrinths are said to be the small resemblance of the Grand Canyon. Labyrinth itself stretches for 200 km with its walls covered with images of imaginary creatures and real animals. Travellers in Kyrgyzstan are advised to spend at least two days in canyons to explore all details of the place. But it is important to have an appropriate outfit for you not get a sunstroke and sunburn. Kyrgyzstan represents amazing sunsets and everyone should witness. 

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