History of Tien Shan Mountains in Kyrgyzstan

We invite you to explore interesting facts about the history of the Tien Shan, which will be useful for tourists, before starting your exciting tours. We are ready to provide you with useful and exciting information, where guests of the country can learn a lot from local residents, explore information and communicate with local people. During tours in Kyrgyzstan, you can rent a car from our company, and go on a journey with complete comfort.

In tours of Kyrgyzstan, guests of the country will be able to learn a lot of facts about the Tien Shan Mountains, which have been known since ancient times. You will also be able to get acquainted with the information during the tours, learn a lot of research that was conducted by researchers and travelers in Kyrgyzstan. Basically, the past of the Tien Shan Mountains is connected only with legends and stories, but today many examples and facts are given. And the first information was presented by the researcher Peter Semenov, who conducted it in the 19th century. After such work, it began to be called as Tianshansky.

You will be able to learn a lot of useful information in tours around Kyrgyzstan, and for tours to rent a car from us. And in order to rent a car, you just need to contact our managers, who will also be able to offer you excellent tours. Traveling in Kyrgyzstan, you will be able to learn about the history, facts that were produced by the Buddhist monk Xuan Tsang in the 7th century. He was able to determine that there are different heights that are covered with snow and ice. It turns out that people will not be able to wander through such mountainous areas. You can also find out in the tours that in 1273 Marco Polo made a trip and explored the country.

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