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Kyrgyzstan is a country of interesting landscape and great amount of extraordinary plants, in other words - rich flora system. In the north of the country we may witness steppes, meadow-steppes, and meadows, covered by bushes and forests; in the south of Kyrgyzstan climate is dry with deserts and semi deserts. Due to Kyrgyzstan being a mountain country, altitudes influence on flora. Trees are met near mountains, but become rarely grow with every high altitude of mountains.

In the course of a tour in Kyrgyzstan there is an opportunity to see different kinds of plants, most of them are wild-ones. Wild plants are presented in the face of 600 ones and medicinal plants in 200. Some of plants of medical meaning may be used by people, the ones like coltsfoot, sea buckthorn, St John's wort, horsetail, Turkestan thermopsis and origanum. Wild plants like rhubarb, saltwort, and barberries are prohibited to be disturbed due to medical and economical meaning. In forests of Kyrgyzstan you will meet rare tulips and edelweiss, Siberian fir, Schrenk's fir, and juniper. But anyway juniper is used by people on their daily basis as according to their point of view it makes evil spirits to get away forever.

Being in the south of Kyrgyzstan it is recommended to visit the walnut forest Arlslanbob. This forest is known to be the biggest forest of natural meaning with abundance of walnuts. Travelling in the forest you will see that despite walnuts there are wild apple trees, cherry and pear trees. In the course of a tour in Kyrgyzstan you will hear different legends connected to the country and the Arslanbob as well. According to one of the legends, Alexander the Great - according to the other Prophet Muhammad - gave the beginning of the forest.

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