Dungan mosque

Dungan mosque is also the most visited site by travellers in Kyrgyzstan. It is interesting due to the history of the place: it is known that people in flight were leaving China for Karakol in 1877. This moving created a community. Then the community invited Chjou Siy, the architect from Beijing, to Kyrgyzstan in 1907 to build a mosque. With the help of 20 ordinary locals, there was the beginning of creation of mosque. And it took 3 years to build the mosque. In the course of a tour in Kyrgyzstan you will fin out that it was built without metal and nails. Though it is located in Kyrgyzstan, it is of a Chinese style like a Chinese Buddhist temple. But anyway colors reveal main cultural values of Dungans: red for protection from evil, yellow for wealth and well-being of the house, green for happiness. Unfortunately it was not used for purposes it was created for. In 20th century it was prohibited to believe in God and adopt any religion that is why it was closed. During WW2 the Muslim community donated money for needs of war, and rites were allowed. This event caused the opening of the mosque in Kyrgyzstan, Karakol. For now the mosque relates to the Muslim community of Karakol. Making tours in Kyrgyzstan and visiting Karakol the mosque is the desired place to visit.

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