Different seasons in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan is a country of extra-continental climate and is seen to be the country which is different in different seasons. In the course of a tour in rent a car Kyrgyzstan you will be convinced that the country is surrounded by mountains and weather in the country depends on the weather in mountains. For you to be sure your tour is going to be great, we recommend finding out the following facts before starting to travel in our country. It is well-known that spring is from March to May, summer is from May to September, autumn is from September to December. And of course we have prepared a certain amount of facts concerning every season of the year:

Winter is a kind of the season when temperature is rather low - it may fall from + 1 °C (34 °F) to -10 °C and even lower to -20 °C. Winter is a great season for all lovers of winter kinds of sport. It is possible to make a visit of ski resorts. But if you have decided to start a tour along the mountains, it may be impossible as most of paths and roads are closed. Before starting to travel in Kyrgyzstan you must follow all our recommendations.

Spring is a pleasant season for starting to travel in Kyrgyzstan as the weather is nice and everything is starting to rebirth. But at the same time such weather of melting causes floods and paths start to be impossible to be passed. When spring begins farmers plant seeds for future products, harvest.

Summer ... the time of fine sky, great weather and absence of precipitations. During summer time the temperature may become from 35 °C (95°F) up to 45° C (113° F). It is possible to travel almost along all significant places of Kyrgyzstan in the summer. Visiting mountains of the country in the course of a tour you are going to witness all four seasons of the year. Being high in the mountains means that with every high altitude it is going to be cooler and colder.

Travelling in Kyrgyzstan cars renting in the summer means you are able to make a visit of lakes of the country, amazing glaciers and waterfalls, labyrinths. During your tour in Kyrgyzstan you can start swimming or diving, hiking or trekking, even rafting and canoeing. In case you prefer calm travelling, you can wander about significant sites and just enjoy. For you to start to travel in Kyrgyzstan it is better to decide when you are going to travel and reserve the tour as during the season there may not be vacant ones.

In autumn you can feel pleasant weather as temperatures are not so high but not so low at the same time. When you start to travel in Kyrgyzstan in autumn you will be able to get anywhere as there are no crowds of people waiting for their turn. Autumn is a great time for all to make photos against breath-taking views of red, yellow and green leaves. As for the temperature, it may be pleasant, about + 16 °C (60 °F) but then it goes lower up to + 3 °C (37.5 °F). When you have decided to travel in Kyrgyzstan you are recommended to decide what you are going to do: trekking, hiking, swimming, diving, and riding a horse. Or you want to do all of these? In this case you need to identify everything with your guide, or just contact our managers and they will describe every detail to you.

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