Travelling in Kyrgyzstan there are a lot of interesting sites and highlights to visit and the first site it is necessary to pay our attention is Burana. Burana is transmitted as minaret from Turkic "monara". It is located in the east of Kyrgyzstan, in 60 km of Bishkek. The minaret is the most visited site in Kyrgyzstan and the most important place in the Chui valley. Especially since 1991 the monument is the most visited by tourists in Kyrgyzstan following their way of the Great Silk Road. Burana is considered to be the large complex and art of architecture in Kyrgyzstan. It is located on the territory of the ancient Balasagun. Building bears mystery of its emergence but it is known that it was built in the 11th century and was about 45m high. Burana is considered to be the highest monument in Kyrgyzstan of medieval ages. In the 13th century the monument was captured and greatly damages by warriors of Genghis Khan. Unfortunately the monument was not recovered and it was lost in 15th-16th centuries. In 19th-20th centuries there were a lot of travellers in Kyrgyzstan and they found ruins of the monument. During the Soviet period archeologists made tours in Kyrgyzstan in order to excavate Burana. They found it and a collection of different things taken to the Historical Museum in Bishkek.

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