Arslanbob countryside

Kyrgyzstan is a great place to explore on tours and a beautiful country can show charming views. One of the most charming places in Kyrgyzstan is the Arslanbob forest, which has a very important historical and natural significance. And guests of Kyrgyzstan will be able to explore on tours that car rent is a great solution to see the beautiful forest. You will be able to explore that the forest is located 80 km from the Jalal Abad area.

In our tours, customers will see that the natural forest has an area of 6,080 km2. Here you can rent a car and also enjoy walnuts and fruit trees. Their age is about 1000 years and the height reaches 30 meters. During the tours, you will enjoy beautiful views of the gorges of the rocks and also explore the valleys, and tons of walnuts are collected here every year. The territory of the forest itself also has beautiful waterfalls called big and small and has a height of 80 and 35 meters.

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