Alpinism is very popular in Kyrgyzstan as our country is surrounded by mountains and it gives lots of opportunities. Mountaineers find our Kyrgyzstan as the best appropriate place for vaulting the tops. Long time ago, during the time of powers of the Soviet Union it was rather difficult to investigate mountains of Kyrgyzstan. It was literally prohibited to step the territory. Foreign and local mountaineers were not allowed to make expeditions in Kyrgyzstan especially in zones of borders. Other difficulties mountaineers used to face and continue to face are seen from weather circumstances leading to avalanches and severe frosts.

There were cases when travellers in Kyrgyzstan but during the times of the former Soviet Union managed to vault highest peaks over 7000 m. The mountaineers were given awards named the Snow Leopard. As for the location of these peaks, two of them are located in Tajikistan, two in picturesque Kyrgyzstan. The peculiar feature is that there is a top being the border - Peak Lenin. The award was given to more than 600 climbers managed to  vault the peaks.

We invited you to Kyrgyzstan and are glad to offer the service of the highest level.    

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