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Kyrgyzstan Trekking: Trek 08
Country: Kyrgyzstan
Activity Tour: Trekking Tour
Time: 14 days

Day 1: Arrival in Bishkek City, where we will meet at the airport and transfer to Karakol 400 km from the airport. Road runs along the chains and snow-covered mountains make this transfer a thrilling ride. After lunch at a cafe, the route goes along the beautiful shore of Lake Issyk-Kul, the pearl of the Tien-Shan. This is the second largest alpine lake in the world ended with snow-capped peaks of 5000 meters high will remain in your memory forever better. Upon arrival at the accommodation in a private guesthouse or hotel Karakol small. In the evening you will have dinner out.
Day 2: We begin our trekking tour tours Djergalan green and picturesque valley with exciting mountain road winding through the forest and the rocks along rushing waters of mountain rivers. You will have lunch upon arrival. Trekking tour along the valley Djergalan and then pass on Djergalan. In the evening you will have dinner and spend the night in tents.
Day 3: In the morning, long trekking tour to the valley floor Tyup. Lunch. Trekking tour along the river in the foothills of Asuu-Ter pass 3649 m high. In the evening you will have dinner and spend the night in tents.
Day 4: Today you will be trekking tour on Ter Asuu exceed 3649 m. with a wonderful panoramic view of the river valley Airyk ASU. You will have lunch at the end of the valley, right on the bank of River Mountain. After lunch trekking tour at the base of the upper valley towards Echkilitash Djanalach last year (3723 m). In the evening you will have dinner and spend the night in tents.
Day 5: In the morning we will start trekking tours and alpine meadow on Echkilitash pass (3723 m). Lunch. Trekking tour down the very narrow canyon necessary Tuyuk-Djaz river valley and then up to the military post. In the evening you will have dinner and spend the night in tents.
Day 6: In the morning the day trekking tour along the valley Tuz for higher reasons. You will have lunch at the mountain of crystal clear spring. Trekking tour in the upper valley under Tuz.
Day 7: Today you will tour trekking over 4001 m. Tuz passed with a wonderful panoramic view of Inylchek glacier and the highest peaks of Kyrgyzstan. You will have lunch in the valley. Short trekking tour to the valley camping Chong Inylchek for now. In the evening you will have dinner and spend the night in tents.
Day 8: Today you will have mountain trekking tours along major river flowing from large ice cave. Trekking tour of a glacier and moraine on the go. You will have lunch at Glacier Putevodnyi. Trekking tour in "Glina" campsite. In the evening you will have dinner on the moraine.
Day 9: In the morning half-day trekking tour in Merzbacher glade - the last country to bar the way to BC. Here is a small metal cabin comfortable for 4 persons and a large green area suitable for camping around. Lunch. Free time to explore the surroundings. In the evening you will have dinner and spend the night in tents or huts.
Day 10: fly in the morning thinking (! Not on), on Inlylchek glacier mountains in South Inylchek base camp - located on the moraine. You will have lunch in the camp with a wonderful panoramic view of Khan-Tengri peak (6995 m) and POBEDA peak (7439 m) - highest peak of Kyrgyzstan. Guided trekking tours in the ABC of Khan-Tengri peak. Bath and sauna visit. In the evening you will have dinner. And also can visit a bar or check email in the "internet cafe" or phone call home via satellite. Spend the night in tents.
Day 11: Today you will have trekking tours around. Possible alternative is guided trekking tour to ABC's POBEDA peak. Lunch. Explore the surroundings. In the evening you will have dinner and spend the night in tents.
Day 12: In the morning fly to the mountains thinking Karkara pad. Meet comfortable vehicle aircon. Drive on the shore of Lake Issyk-Kul, the second largest lake in the alpine world. You will have lunch on the road. Upon arrival accommodation in hotel or guest house. Free time for swimming or rest. In the evening you will have dinner and spend the night in the guest house.
Day 13: we end our tour by driving to Bishkek (240 km) - the capital of Kyrgyzstan. You will have lunch in the restaurant. Accommodation in guest house. Anything short Bishkek and leisure shopping. In the evening you will have dinner in the restaurant. Spend the night in the guest house.
Day 14: Our guide will accompany you to the airport.



    Tourist transportations are one of the major elements tourist

The industries. Transportations of tourists in the Kirghiz Republic are carried out

Air, automobile and by rail.

    The Kirghiz Republic is located in the centre of Eurasia, on a joint

Perspective aviation, transport and economic arteries between

Europe and Asia, the North and the South. The main task in this area - to make

Republic accessible to foreign tourists, having adjusted straight lines international

Air communications for what it is necessary to spend a number of actions, in that

Number: to finish airport "" reconstruction; to create conditions for

Functioning in the market of air transportation competitive

The airlines registered in territory of the Kirghiz Republic;

To raise safety of flights and quality of service of passengers.


Trekking tours in Kyrgyzstan are as athletes, for common people. Here are both bright and hard tracks. Kyrgyzstan has many canyons to hike. Gorges are far from villages and towns, why you can have a trekking tour in hidden places is removed. You have a trekking tour along gorges of Kyrgyzstan. While driving in the mountains can herdsmen who live in the mountains still prefer, you can meet even called for a night in their dwellings yurts remain. Kyrgyz shepherds are very hospitable and they like people who have trekking in Kyrgyzstan because they are proud of their country. Usually they offer you to spend a little time with them and have a rest after trekking. Nomads can give you some national food and drinks, as the guest of the messengers of God, for they used. It your trekking in Kyrgyzstan is an unforgettable one. Trekking in Kyrgyzstan is a good opportunity to relax in unspoilt nature. During your trekking tour you will visit the most beautiful gorges of Kyrgyzstan. You have trekking tour in celestial mountains where there is not many people. Trekking in Kyrgyzstan is famous for its wild way and for its unforgettable beautiful places. During trekking tour you can enjoy amazing views and are in very remote places trekking. Trekking in Kyrgyzstan is safe because local people are fond of tourists. Very often they invite people to spend some time with them. Trekking in the Tien Shan mountains give you the opportunity to discover the real Kyrgyzstan - Kyrgyzstan nomadic. If you choose trekking tour in Kyrgyzstan, we advise you your gear with you, do not spend time looking for the rent. Kyrgyzstan in a real nice place to go hiking alone or with good friends. The author says that it is better to have trekking tour with a help of Travel Company. This way you want to lose your good time on unnecessary things. Kyrgyzstan is open for tourists who want to buy trekking tours and you are always welcome there. The best places to go hiking in Kyrgyzstan Terskey Ala-Too is on the southern shore of Lake Issyk Kul. The book shows some travel roots for trekking in Kyrgyzstan that you can use during your trekking tour. It is possible to travel here alone, but still it is better to have an experienced guide with you.



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