Off road 4X4 Tour 4

Off road 4x4 tour 4, Kyrgyzstan tours. 

Off road 4X4 Tour 4
Number of days: 8
Seasons: 1 May - 15 September 


Ala Archa National Park - an amazing gorge of bright juniper of 200 km2, inhabitation of various speices
Son Kul Lake - high altitude lake of Kyrgyzstan, 3016m above sea level and variety of opportunitites
Kochkor museum - the location of the great variety of handicraft of the Kyrgyz people
Felt Show - the way to feel history by witnessing the professionals creating long-serving carpets
Issyk Kul Lake - the pearl of the country, the second largest high-altitude lake after Titicaca in South America
Jeti Oguz gorge - the panorama of red-colored mountains in the form of bulls standing in a row
Karakol town - the location of well-known religious sites: the Dungan Mosque, Orthodox Church
Petroglyphs - pictures on stones of the ancient times, bearing the history of the Kyrgyz people
Burana Tower - the minaret of the 11th century, still protected by stone warriors balbals
Stone Warriors Balbals - monuments created in honor of the people died for the native land and still serving to protect the nearest places
Mountains, Mountains, Mountains - overwhelming natural creations able to catch your breath away!


Day 1: Bishkek - Ala Archa - Bishkek (40 km, asphalt 100 %)
Welcome to Bishkek, the capital of the country at the altitude of 700-900m above sea level. Our team will be waiting for you in Manas International Airport with a car chosen for rent. The Self-drive Tour 4 starts with the way to the capital of the country, accompanied with the outlined information about the county and the trip. The route will be going along peculiar places of the city - the Pobeda Square (Victory Square), Duboviy Park (Oak Park), Central Ala-Too Square, Old Square, National Philharmonic. Then the way will be continued by visiting of the natural park Ala Archa presented by the picturesque gorge. It is in 45km from Bishkek, so wait to see the beauties of pristine country! It was created in 1976 with an aim for people of higher society to relax. Now it is possible for guests to travel here and enjoy clean air and amazing nature. Then there will be a way back to the capital and night in the hotel.

Day 2: Bishkek - Kyzyl Oi (200 km, asphalt 60 %, dirt 40 %)
The second day will be truly interesting as we are going to show you the Kyzyl Oi village. Self-drive is peculiar for the possibilities to see the southern beauty of the country. The route is going to be along mountains and lakes, streams and rivers. The village is the right place for such a trip. As we can see our Kyrgyzstan, there is an abundance of significant sites where wild animals can be noticed. They all should be cared and not hurt. In the continuation of the trip we are making a stop at the Tue Ashuu pass. The altitude is 3000m above sea level, the views are stunning and applicable for photos. It is an amazing off road 4X4 tour. It is the home of not so widely prevalent animals and plants. The road to the homestay for night is picturesque.

Day 3: Kyzyl Oi - Son Kul (140 km, dirt road 100 %)
Today guests are going to have delicious breakfast and starting to Son Kul Lake. They are going to get at the altitude of 3016m above sea level, so weather can change. With any new height is becomes colder, so you do must have warm clothes. The territory of the lake is amazing - clean air, emerald green grass, the very lake is transparent, clear and so unforgettable. Every wanderer will be astonished by the mystery of changing colors of the lake. In the Naryn region, where the lake is located, there nomads - the people living the life of their ancestors. They breed the cattle and can acquaint with the country. In the very end of the day the nomads will welcome you, treat with delicious dinner. The night will be spent in the yurts.

Day 4: Son Kul - 33 parrots - Kochkor (170 km, dirt road 80 %, asphalt 20 %)
Part of the day will be devoted to the opportunity to investigate the territory of Lake Son Kul. It is also known that in the very beginning the lake was fishless, though in the times of the Soviet Union some kinds of fish were brought here on purpose. Fishing is impossible here, just wondering. At 2pm there will be lunch and then the way through the 33 parrots pass right to the village Kochkor. While going to the village guests are given opportunities for taking photo stops at 33 parrots pass. The night will be in a homestay.

Day 5: Kochkor - Issyk Kul southern shore - Karakol (300 km, asphalt 100 %)
Here we have reached the famous Kochkor village, after which we can drive to Issyk Kul Lake. It is one of the well-known high-altitude lakes in Kyrgyzstan and seems to be visited by lots of people all over the world. The south of the lake is famous for being the location of health-resorts. Then we start for the Bokonbaevo village. And here is the place of the achieving great emotions! Eagle hunting, or just eagle show. It is a very interesting activity which may be seen. The reason is that not a lot of people have such skills, everything is going throughout generations. Berkutchi - are the men, domesticating eagles, falcons. Birds hunt hares, foxes and sometimes even wolves. Then you are going to visit the Karakol city, the home of the famous Red rocks of Jeti Oguz gorge, Broken Heart mountain. At the same time here you can see the Dungan Mosque and Orthodox Church. The night will be organized in the guest house of the locals.

Day 6: Karakol - Issyk Kul Lake - Chon Kemin (330 km, asphalt 100 %)
After the night at the locals visitants will start for the lake, the amazing lake Issyk Kul. This day there will be given a lot of moments for taking the atmosphere of the site with you. Guests will be offered to swim and fish here, take a boat cruise. All of this will be continued by the way to Chon Kemin village. It is the home of handicraft, peculiar to Kyrgyz people. There is also a small museum where we can walk and witness the ancient exhibits along the modern ones in the style of the nomadic people. The nught will be in a homestay, the local people will serve a great dinner for you.

Day 7: Chon Kemin - Burana - Bishkek (150 km, asphalt 100 %)
Chon Kemin village is also known as the gorge where guests will have an opportunity of a long horse-ride. But it is going to be paid additionally. Along the tour the locals will show who to ride a horse, how to communicate with these amazing animals. It is one of the options to travel along pure nature, which can be rarely seen in our daily life. Such a way will be accompanied with unforgettable views. Then we start for the Burana Tower. It is the minaret of the 11th century of the Karakhanid epoch. The site is peculiar for bearing the history of the ancient times, the history of ancestors of the Kyrgyz people. It was one of the main stops of all going along the Silk Road. Rounding the minaret and just along the territory of it there are stone warriors balbals. In the translation from Turkic meaning "ancestors". They are made of stone, each symbolizing a warrior fallen in fight for the land. Then goes to be the route back to Bishkek and night in the hotel before going home.

Day 8: Bishkek - Airport
Morning transfer to airport. This is the end of Self-drive Tour 4. 

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