Off road 4X4 Tour 3

Off road 4x4 tour 3, Kyrgyzstan tours. 

Off road 4X4 Tour 3
Number of days: 9
Seasons: 1 May - 15 September


Ala Archa National Park - the preserved area of the natural park with abundance of plants and animals
Son Kul Lake - the high-altitude lake, of 3016m above sea level, available from June to September
Tash Rabat Caravanserai - the 14th century stone monument, the base of traders along the Great Silk Road
Nomads - people living in the mountains, preserve the life of the ancestors
Yurts - the nomadic dwelling created from wood and felt, without metal
High passes - high altitude passes of 3000 m above sea level on the way to some of significant sites as during the route
Yaks - a long-haired domesticated animal, prematurely living at the altitudes, hearts and lungs had adapted to the heights
Kochkor museum - the place of the location of exhibits of Kyrgyz handicraft
Felt Show - the process of creation clothes from felt, the professionals organize the show and demonstrate their skills
Issyk Kul Lake - the well-visited place at the altitude of 1600m above sea level, beneath the water there are ruins of the ancient city
Jeti Oguz gorge - an interesting formation of rocks, colored in red resembling the bulls
Drinking Kumis - the way of tasting the mare's milk, very delicious and you will never forget this taste
Karakol town - the town with the existence of the great amount of sites of historical significance, like Orthodox Church and Dungan Mosque!
Petroglyphs - images on the stones of about 2500 years ago, depicting everyday life and usual activities of those days
Burana Tower - the famous minaret of the 11th century, takes the meaning of one of the bases of the wanderers of the Great Silk Road.
Stone Warriors Balbals - monuments made of stone each symbolizing men who were bravely fighting and fallen for the future of the country and the people
Mountains, Mountains, Mountains - unforgettable territory of great views and stunning opportunitites!


Day 1: Bishkek - Ala Archa - Bishkek (40 km, asphalt 100 %)
Welcome to Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan and one of the first destinations in the time of a trip. First guests fly at Manas International Airport, members of our team meet you and present a rented car. Then Self-drive Tour starts. The way to the capital takes about 30 minutes, during this time guides will inform about the way of a trip and all of the destinations. On coming in Bishkek visitants start off for the Ala Archa Natural Park. It is located in 45km from the capital, on the range of the Tien Shan Mountain. Here we can witness the abundance of wild animals and birds, wild and medical plants. It is possible to wonder the views of natural testimonies while wandering about the gorge, the home of the Ratzek's hut, glaciers and peaks. Then goes the way back to Bishkek and a city trip awaits you! The other part of the day will be spent along Pobeda Square (Victory Square), Duboviy Park (Oak Park), Central Ala-Too Square, Old Square, National Philharmonic and in the evening you will drive back to hotel.

Day 2: Bishkek - Kyzyl Oi (200 km, asphalt 60 %, dirt 40 %)
Guests spend the second day of a trip in the way to Kyzyl Oi village. The village is hidden in the distant mountains of Kyrgyzstan, at the altitude of 1800m above sea level. While being here it is possible to notice amazing territory created in 1900s. The village can be seen to be located on the way to the valley Suusamir. Here guests can witness overwhelming natural views. It is possible to start hiking, off-roading. Being here visitants can make a visit of the famous Tue Ashuu pass at the height of 3000m above sea level. The pass is a great place for making photos against breath-taking views. The day ends with the visiting and spending the night in a homestay.

Day 3: Kyzyl Oi - Son Kul (140 km, dirt road 100 %)
Guests will also travel to the famous Son Kul Lake, at the height of 3016m above sea level. It is one of the most picturesque and breath-taking territories of Kyrgyzstan as colors mostly change, the beauty stays. Here we have mountains surrounding the very lake. The name of the lake is translated as "the disappeared lake". Located in the Naryn region it is the home of the local nomadic tribes, living the life of their ancestors. Guests can immerse in nature and culture, and moreover in the history! We are glad to provide the opportunities to get in touch with the nomads and see the unusual way of life. It is a very nice off road 4X4 tour. The night and dinner will be in the yurts.

Day 4: Son Kul - Tash Rabat (255 km, dirt 50 %, asphalt 50 %)
The day is devoted to the way to Tash Rabat Caravanserai. It is located approximately in 520km from Bishkek. It is a stone building creation of the 14th century. According to the legend, Tash Rabat was built by father and son, and when the entire work was over, there remained to build the top of it. But the son went to meet the wanderers while his father claimed him to finish the work. Anyway he didn't listen to his father going to see the caravan. The son met a woman there and never returned back. Inside the building there is a pit used for prisoners to fall there and never to come back. Then there will be a dinner and night in the yurts of the Tash Rabat Caravanserai.  

Day 5: Tash Rabat - Kochkor (235 km, asphalt 80 %, dirt 20 %)
As our tour is developing we drive you to Kochkor village. The village is located in the valley of the same name. The place is picturesque and unforgettable in its beauty. The village is a home of various kinds of cattle. The local people are always very glad and hospitable to meet the over-seers, as they want to treat with national dishes and drinks, and of course tell about the country. There will be a charming pass of 3000m height. Moreover here guests can witness handmade shows. Here true masters of handmade of felt live; they are glad to teach you some of the details of Kyrgyz culture. Hospitable locals will gladly provide their home as a foster one.

Day 6: Kochkor - Issyk Kul southern shore - Karakol (300 km, asphalt 100 %)
This day visitants will travel to Issyk Kul Lake. It is a pearl of the country in the very heart of the mountains, at the altitude of 1600m above sea level. As you could notice, the entire country is at the height, it is so overwhelming, isn't it? Here guests will be given an opportunity to swim in the lake, to take a boat cruise and of course listen to the legends of it. The next destination of the day is Karakol, but on our way we take a pass of the Bokonbaevo village. It is the home of berkutchi. These are men who domesticate baby birds, and spend about 20 years with each other. Eagle hunting is a very stunning process, as an eagle (berkut, falcon) can see the catch from great heights. Usually the catch is presented with hares, foxes, lynx, and wolves. Then on the way to Karakol guests visit the Red Stones of Jeti Oguz gorge. They look like bulls which stand side by side and looking at you. Near it there is the Broken Heart Mountain. The dinner and night will be organized in the boarding house of the city.

Day 7: Karakol - Issyk Kul Lake - Chon Kemin (330 km, asphalt 100 %)
Though we have already visited famous Issyk Kul Lake, guests come here again. Visitants are brought here with an aim to photo the beauties of the lake and its territories, as both shores are amazing in the face of the sites and nature. Water is clear and transparent, it is possible to swim here. By the way, on the bottom of it there are ruins of the ancient city, which was destroyed and flooded. Then the route continues with the way to the village Chon Kemin. The museum on the way contains handicraft of the ancient times, instruments and just things of everyday activities. The homestay will be the place of the night of today in the village Chon Kemin. 

Day 8: Chon Kemin - Burana - Bishkek (150 km, asphalt 100 %)
Unfortunately this is our last day, but it is going to be great for sure! In Chon Kemin there will be given opportunities of experiencing horse-riding. For about 3 hours guests will be going along the stunning gorges, mountain forests. Local people will show the way of riding horses. By the way, these animals are very clever and kind. The lunch is served and we start for the tower Burana. It is also known as minaret, one of the locations for traders going along the Great Silk Road. The tower bears the history of the Kyrgyz Land, it was created in the 11th century, suffered from threats of the inner inhabitants and from outside. Around the tower there is a museum of balbals ("ancestors" from the Turkic language). These are stones, with images of brave men; they fell for the peaceful future of the country. Guests return back to Bishkek and take a sleep in the reserved room of the hotel.

Day 9: Bishkek - Airport
Morning transfer to airport as guests leave Kyrgyzstan.

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