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When you face with the decision of choosing the country to travel, we advise you to visit Kyrgyzstan. Travelling 4X4 along Kyrgyzstan there are opportunities of a trip on a rented car and it is obligatory to get acquainted with self-drive rules.  In the course of the trip and adventure in Kyrgyzstan there can occur some certain difficulties, especially when you are making your own on the car without company's representatives. To avoid problems and difficulties car drivers being must follow traffic rules and regulations in Kyrgyzstan. Mainly these regulations concern cases when some force majeure circumstances occur or when you face with the troubles of unpredictable character and don't know how to deal with. The rules and regulations are as follows:

Season of travel in summer means that it may be rather difficult to take a car. For a comfortable travel you should take care of reserving a car beforehand. The rental order of tours along Kyrgyzstan must be done before 20 June as season starts from 20 June up to 20 September. When you manage to reserve a car for a tour in Kyrgyzstan in advance, you have a wide choice of cars for rent. We offer the best cars for rent for 4X4 tours. 

In Kyrgyzstan there is an age limit for driving a car. It's prohibited to drive a car when a person is less than 18; the main reason is that there is no experience; when a person is more than 64 he is prohibited to drive as well due to probable health problems. Car Rent you should make in advance to have an available 4X4 transport. 

The procedure of payment for a rented car for tour in Kyrgyzstan is not accompanied with a necessity to exchange money as payment may be made in dollars, euros and of course national currency KGS.

The process of renting a car includes deposit in amount of 400 $ as well that will be surely returned, if nothing preventing a good way of travel and tour in Kyrgyzstan happens. Renting a car you have insurance. But there may be a situation of accident that leads to damage. If something extraordinary force-majeure circumstances happen, it necessary to identify the seriousness of the accident. If nevertheless the rented car was seriously damaged and destroyed, the paid deposit will be taken for the repair of the car. The deposit is the maximum price for guests travelling in Kyrgyzstan to pay, and the rest of the amount is going to be covered by the insurance company, as the rental price includes the service of the insurance company. For our guests it is necessary to remember that sometimes insurance doesn't cover the damage - windows, interior and roofs with bottoms of the car - caused in the result of the accident.Renting a car you must follow the rule of km (mileage) limit in a day that is 300 km. This limit is covered with gasoline for a trip in Kyrgyzstan offered by the company, but if you travel extra km, you must pay for the gasoline at the rate of 0.3$.

Despite mileage limit, there are no limits in territories in Kyrgyzstan. All guests and residents are allowed to travel along Kyrgyzstan, but is you decided to travel off the territory of Kyrgyzstan you will have to pay extra charge for local insurance in amount of 50$ per tour. Kyrgyzstan is surrounded by different countries like Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan and there are welcome you to travel without extra documents.

In any country there are certain traffic rules that must be followed and Kyrgyzstan is not the exception. All guests along with residents must follow traffic rules in an obligatory way. One of strict rules is prohibition of driving in a state of alcoholic intoxication. In Kyrgyzstan legal level of alcohol in a body must be zero and not higher. Speed limit is 40-60 km/h, and there are special traffic signs indicating speed limit of the road. Driving from one village to the other headlights must be turned on even in daylight and during summer time. It is extremely necessary to be attentive and let the pedestrians their way. There are also speed limits between villages, so that if you are going to make a tour in Kyrgyzstan, please follow the rules.

 The trip along Kyrgyzstan may be darkened with the car accident, and if it happens, the police department must be identified about it. Not to be mistaken and deceased, ask for the names of the officials, witnesses and all who suffered from the accident, as well as addresses and phone numbers.

Our company gladly offers certain amount of gasoline and it means you are obliged to return with the same amount of it after tour in Kyrgyzstan. Or you will have to pay for gasoline according to prices in contract.

Travelling in Kyrgyzstan make sure you follow all the rules described and if you have any questions and desire to start a tour, our company is glad to help you. We are ready to organize a tour in Kyrgyzstan according to all your wishes. You are welcome in Kyrgyzstan. Our company will always meet your demands.    

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