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Flora: The vegetation distribution has a pronounced altitudinal zonation and extends to an altitude of 4500 m in the desert Haloxylon thickets of deciduous woodland and scrub in the valleys and foothills. In the more mountainous part to an altitude of 2500 m is dominated by coniferous forests unique blue Tien Shan spruce. Above lie the alpine meadows with raznotsvetem herbs and bright flowers. Here you can see the meadows of edelweiss. And even higher - the land of moss and lichen with a few shrubs and delicate flowers.
Animals: Do you have the opportunity to see diverse wildlife, from tiny rodents and birds to the largest inhabitants of the mountains - the vulture and mountain goat. Here, in the uninhabited highlands inhabited by the snow leopard - the symbol of Kyrgyzstan.
Rare species of animals living in Kyrgyzstan, such as wild sheep, bison, mountain goat, roe deer, deer, bear, lynx and snow leopard in the Red Book.
All major rivers originate in Kyrgyzstan in the mountains with glaciers and snowfields. The main artery of the Tien Shan - Naryn - formed from the merger of the Big and Small Naryn. The river, 616 km., The basin area, 53.7 thousand square kilometers
Most of the territory of Northern Kyrgyzstan is the Chu River basin, which has within the borders of 221 km length. For large rivers of Kyrgyzstan are also Talas Kizilsu, Sary, Aksay, Cox and others
In Kyrgyzstan, there are 1923 lakes with a total surface area of ​​6836 Of lake area is 3.4%. Predominantly (84%) of the lake located in the mountainous area, at the height of 3000-4000 meters above sea level.
Three of the largest lake in Kyrgyzstan, Issyk-Kul, Son-Kul Kul Chater.
Lake Issyk-Kul is the largest body of water draining the Central Asia and among the mountain lakes of the world, lying at an altitude of 1200 m, the surface area (6,236 square kilometers) ranks second, behind only Lake Titicaca (Peru, South America). It fills a tectonic depression between the ridges and Kungey Teskey Ala-Too and has a length of 178 km., The greatest width, 60 km., With the length of the coastline of 688 km. The greatest depth of the lake 668 m, average depth of 278 m lake does not freeze in winter, except for the shallow bays. The temperature of the surface layers of water ranges from 24 degrees in summer and up to 4 degrees in the winter. The lake-drainage, and has a high mineral content water.
The second-largest alpine lake Son-Kul is a mark level 3016 m, surface area 275 square kilometers with a maximum depth of 15.1 m in the lake water is fresh.
Chater-Kul Lake is the third largest. Evaluation of its mirror 3530 m, the area of ​​175 square kilometers, the prevailing depth of 2-3 meters. Most of the year the lake is covered with ice. The water is brackish.
Most common in Kyrgyzstan have glaciogenic lakes located in the mountainous area at the height of 2500-4000 meters, including lakes of this group stands out Merzbacher Lake, located between the glaciers of the Southern and Northern Enylchek on the surface of the lake you can see icebergs. The lake filled with melt water annually in the late summer erupts under a glacier Enylchek south, forming a flood. - tours in Kyrgyzstan. - trekking in Kyrgyz land.     - horse riding in the mountains. - biking tours around Kyrgyzstan. - cultural tours of Kyrgyz Republic. - amazing travel in Central Asia.          - nice Silk Road in Asia. - best tours in Central Asia.         


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