Hunting tours

Travel agency   «Nomadic Kyrgyzstan» is organizing and serving individual and group hunting and travel tours on allocate to us hunting lands in all territory of the Kyrgyzstan. Our hunting lands are located in Narin region At-Basha district in valley Aksay, Arpa of Kyrgyz Republic.

We are offering you next hunting itineraries:

I. Bishkek - Narin - At-Bashi - Ak-Say - Bishkek(7-10 days).

  • Hunting on Marko polo sheep (Ovis ammon polii).
  • On Siberian ibex (Capra ibex sibirica).

II. Bishkek - Ak-Syy - Belovodskoe - Chyi-Tokmok - Bishkek (5 days).

  • Hunting in roe.
  • On bird (pheasant, duck, snowcock, chukar).

III. Bishkek - Cholpon- Ata - Semen ravine - Bishkek (5 days).

  • Hunting with hunting birds (mountain eagle, saker falcon, hawk).



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