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Dear Guests,

Thank you for visiting "Nomadic Kyrgyzstan" website, and for your support of responsible travel. With the warmest welcome we at "Nomadic Kyrgyzstan" are inviting you to take part in our famous well-arranged, safe and educational tours, travel packages and ground travel services in Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan. We work hard to fulfill our guests' travel wishes and needs and make their dream tour in Central Asia.

Our website is a well-known extensive database of Kyrgyzstan travel info and is dedicated to everyone, not only for the people traveling to Kyrgyzstan, but also for the ones who would like to know about our Asian countries.

The history of "Nomadic Kyrgyzstan" starts with "Great Silk Road" Co. Ltd, established in 1993 working in the fields of nature resources management and environmental research and consulting. The company expanded its business into travel and tourism in 1998. Since then "Nomadic Kyrgyzstan" has been working to care, take responsibility and to exceed your expectations.

Today "Nomadic Kyrgyzstan" is the leading and most experienced tour operator in Kyrgyzstan that is ready to organize an unforgettable tour for you! 

Our Mission:

The priority of "Nomadic Kyrgyzstan" is to introduce Kyrgyzstan to the World by delivering the widest range of quality travel products from excellent sightseeing to thrilling adventures and special interest expeditions. "Nomadic Kyrgyzstan" fully realizes that we have social, cultural and environmental responsibilities to respect the places we visit and the people who live there. Responsible travel doesn't mean a compromise on the enjoyment of your trip or the quality of your accommodation. We feel strongly that we should directly benefit the communities we visit wherever possible through sustainable travel, environmental protection and social projects, without sacrificing comfort or character.  

Devoted Team of Travel Experts: "Nomadic Kyrgyzstan" tour managers have all travelled extensively in this country and offer a vast collective bank of knowledge. Whether you are planning to join a set departure tour or design a tailor-made journey, you can travel with the reassurance that your itinerary will have been fully considered by one of our managers.

Low Price Policy: We do not believe that one should pay a lot for excellent service and outstanding tours when travelling with a locally owned tour operator. It is our policy to keep our prices as low as possible and, thereby, to make our holidays available to as many people as possible. Therefore, when weighing up holiday options it is important to compare like with like and we are confident that our tours represent excellent value for money when the standard of accommodation, transport, guides and other services are taken into account.

In addition to the expertness of your personal Tour Managers, we aim to provide the highest levels of customer care, from your initial enquiry, through to the detailed itineraries and tour notes sent to you prior to departure and, finally, answering any queries you may have when you return from your travels.

"Nomadic Kyrgyzstan" has been a trusted taxpayer since its establishment and besides our hard work in tourism industry we do care about the society at our best.

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