Heliski tours

The main distinctive feature of the programs of helliski in Kyrgyzstan is the unique descents: every new descent does not resemble the previous, and it happens in a new way, in "untouched" slope. During the day you may descend 6 and more times, the total level difference is about 6000 metres. There is a huge potential for helli-ski in Kyrgyzstan - it is Terskey Ala-Too and Kyrgyz mountain ridge and a lot of other, not yet explored in that area, mountains.

Venue: Kyrgyzstan. Massifs - Pamiro-Alay and Tien-Shan

Date of the tour: winter/summer

Height: 3500-4000 metres

The length of slopes: 800-1000 metres

The maximal degree of the slope: under 40 metres

The state of snow: glacier snow

Temperature:  -7C -10C degrees


"Summer helliski"

 "Winter helliski"

Our company is happy to present you the best places for heli-skiing in Kyrgyzstan!  Arrive in Kyrgyzstan and take pleasure in the heart of Tien Shan Mountains in your treasured winter vacations. You will ski in the mountains at the altitude of 4000 meters and you will merely adore the stunning views of the surrounding celestial mountains!

You can heli - ski with us on our heli - ski program if you can ski intermediate runs at your ski area. If you have seen the films of heli - skiing and doubted your ability to do it yourself, if you have ever dreamed of going heli - skiing in the mountains - well you can go heli-boarding or heli-skiing in Tien-Shan mountains with us where the powder snow is deep, the air is fresh and the experience exhilarating. Enjoy mountains over 4000 meters and spectacular views. Up to 1200 vertical meters of varied terrain includes glacier snowfields, ridges and defiles. The area mostly has no ski evolving and many side valleys and mountains are seldom visited but have good landing places on high mountain passes, ridges and glaciers where it is possible to start descents. Then the helicopter takes the group to another place. It is possible to make about 6 trips like that on a good day. We employ three guides for the program. Your guide will select terrain within a zone according to snowfall, the weather, and your group's ability. Our guides are professionals, dedicated to safety and comradeship. The guides carry radio and can contact with the helicopter or the mountain rescue. They also carry emergency equipment. You can be sure that the helicopters are flown by very experienced pilots, who are very experienced in heli - ski and mountain rescue flying. We use the MI-8-MTB helicopters, which are known in many countries as good and reliable helicopters. It is powered by two turbo-engines and has a carrying capacity of two tons. It can carry a group of 15 skiers and boarders, depending on weight, plus the guides and the pilots. Two pilots fly the MI-8-MTB, which means extra safety.

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